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Title: Letter from Philadelphia [U.S], quoted in The Belfast Mercury
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Genderunknown
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OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
Recipient Genderunknown
Relationshipre living in the USA
SourceThe Belfast Mercury, no.93, vol.II, 21 June 1785, p.1, c.3.
ArchiveThe Linenhall Library, N. Ireland.
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TranscriptA letter from Philadelphia, dated March 7, has the following
passage: "I am lately returned from Ohio, where the Indians,
I am sorry to say, are not to friendly as I could wish. Trade
here seems almost at a stand; we have no [------], and public
credit as well as private is so very low that paper currency
of any kind is totally useless. To add to our distress, we
have been visited by epidemical fever; which has carried off
great numbers. I lately purchased a number of Irish servants,
all of whom have been effected by it, tho' none of them mortally.
During my whole residence in America, which includes a period of
more than 20 years, I have not witnessed such general and
complicated misery. It is said our Government (if it may be called
one) intend paying the public creditors, by allotting to each a
portion of land suited to their respective claims upon the State.
Should this regulation take place, my share will amount to a vast
tract of country, but believe me, of very little real value now."