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Title: [?], Huntington, Canada to Joseph Brown, Saintfield, Co. Down.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer (tenant)
Sender Religionunknown
OriginHuntington, Upper Canada (present-day Ontario)
DestinationSaintfield, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientBrown, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2675/1: Copied by Permission of Joseph Halliday Esq., 341 Albertbridge Road, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007135
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by JM 09:11:1993.
Word Count724
TranscriptSo Deated [dated?] the 20 of november 1848
Huntington [Huntingdon?]

Dear Cousin I take this opetunity [opportunity?] of writing
these few Lines to let you know that I and my family
are in good Health at the present thanks be to god for
same and hopping [hoping?] that you and your Mother and your
familey [family?] are in the same and I am going to let you no [know?]
that we are removed from the Place that we settled at
first and we are about a quarter of a mile from it to a farm
that we have rented of ninty [ninety?] acres and the rent of
that for this year is fives [five?] Pounds which is 4 Pounds
British But the Gentleman that owns it Has it
for sale and we do not know How soon He may
sell it and we were intending for to try to Buy
it But we thought that the Prise [Price?] was Large for
He wants 150 Pounds for it and he would Give
ten years for to Pay it there is about 50 acres
cleared and Has never Been Laboured and we have
the Liberty of all the farm for this season
Both fire and timber and we Have the Liberty
of making sugar Likewise which we make out
of the maphole [maple?] tree and as for our stock it
is But small we have two cows worth 10 Pounds
and two oxen which cost 30 Dollars each
Which is 15 Pounds and for Hogs we have But few
to we have three small ones running about the doors
and we Have two put up for to kill and the
way that we faed [feed?] them that is put up is on
indian corn and peas and for Cattle the [they?] all lye [lie?]
without about the yard But I intend to keep
what small stock I have within the the House.
and as for the children David is at home
Elizabeth is in Bellvill [Belleville?] this fourteen Months
at nine Pounds a year and Margaret was out in
Summer at the same But she came home
at november and John lives on the next farm
to us and he has nine Pounds for these six
Months this winter and Sammual [Samuel?] he is in
Bellville [Belleville?] with a Mr Benjamine and he has nine
Pounds a year and Mary she Lives about a mile from
me and Suseann lives about a mile to [too?] and the [they?] are
egaged [engaged?] to the [they?] come to age and the [they?] get schooling
and clothes to the [they?] come to that time and the [they?] Get
1 cow 3 sheep a feather Bed and all Pertaining to
them each of them Has the same
Sarah and Jane and James is at home with me
and I am sorry to tell that just A Bout [about?] three
weeks affter [after?] that we went to Huntington [Huntingdon?]

that John took a severe feavour [fever?] and died on
the 15 of september 1847 and Elliner died in
Montreall [Montreal?] about 8 weeks Before her father
I am going to Let you know wheat [what?] the Prise [Price?] of
Grain is wheat is 3s 9d a bushel Pototoes [Potatoes?] 1s 0d a Bushel
Indian Corn 2s Rye 2s 3d Peas 2s 0d a bushel
Butter 7 1/2d a pound new Chees [cheese?] 5d a pound old 8d
Egs [eggs?] 6d per dozen green tea from 2s to 4s per Pound
Sugar from 6d to 10d pence tobaco [tobacco?] from 7d to 15d
per pound a mans wages from 24 Pounds to 30
a year will you be so kind as to Let me know how
James is and where he is now and Be so kind as to
let me no [know?] how John Brown is and familey [family?]
and be so kind as to Let know my frendes [friends?] is and
Neighbours is I send my kind Love to Aunt and
familey [family?] and be so kind to write as soon as
Possiable [possible?] I would like to no [know?] wether [whether?] you got a letter or not When you write Direct it to uper cannada [Upper Canada?]
Victora Destrick [Victoria District?] Morira post office cannada [Canada?]
West will you be so kind as to tell Hugh
Gill that John Clokey sent a letter
away on the first of november

To Josph Brown to the
care of the [Rev?] [Gh?]
[Shanks?] Saintfield Post

to the care of the Rev Gh Shanks
for Josph Brown Loughhi--ey [Loughhinney?]
Saintfield County down
Irland [Ireland?]

UC [Upper Canada?]