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Title: [?], Erie to "Brother Robert"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationoil trader
Sender Religionunknown
OriginErie, Penn., USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Mrs. I.J. Beattie, 120 Carsonstown Rd., Lisowen, Saintfield, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, BT24 7JN, N.Ireland
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
Doc. No.9903181
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Word Count773
TranscriptErie Nov 24th 1861

Brother Robert
Your Papers comes to
Hand regular also from Sam. I send you
Both Papers often But our Post office
department is in Such a State now on account
of the War that it is uncearten [uncertain?]
whether you receive them all or not the [they?]
Have Power to open any letter [-ue?] or Paper
and if Person Speaks there [their?] mind freely
the [they?] are Considered Guilty
of Treason will be Put in Prison or
Presented with a Coat of Tar & Feathers
I sent you a few lines some time ago which
I was very uneasy about you Have not said in
any of your Papers that you received it Such
a letter if you Have any Put it in the fire
I Have often Said if the Republican Party
would get in Power that our Glourious [Glorious?]
Union was Gone and it looks very like
it at the Present time Still the North has
Gained on the Southern Coast our fleet
done well at Port Royal New orleans will be the next
a Great number of our Erie Boys was in
that fleet and fought well one young man
the Name of Jackson was killed another got
this [his?] Nose cut of [off?] by a Rico
[ricochet?] of a Shell and Several others
Wounded two of the Commanders is from Here
one of there [their?] Steamers was
badly Riddled with Shot and Shell
there was four Revenue Vesells [Vessels?]
left Here last week for New York to take on there
Guns and Amunition [Ammunition?] then [leave?] for
the Southern Coast. Wm [William?] Ray Sarah Millers
Son is gone on one of them I stoped [stopped?]
aboard with him untill [until?] the [they?] were
ready to Start I could give you no Idea of Such
Excitement as Here nothing but drums Beating and
Recruiting every day as soon as one Regiment is
full the [they?] are sent of [off?] and another
made up the [they?] Have a Comp[Company?] out
Side of the City limits there is Seven Hundred in
at Present the [they?] ar [are?] a Cold looking
set of young men Snowing and freezing and but
little to cover them some of them has a blanket
and many none I tore up a Whole Steamboats
Carpet Last week and divide amongst them
I Sent you a Paper last week with a Small
rule of our Pennsylvania oil I Hope you will
get it Safe without being detected there is
thousands of Barrells [Barrels?] Coming in Here by
Rail Road every day Rectifieing [Rectifying?]
Houses is going up in all Parts of the town
it is the Best and Cheapest Light
in the World there is Several Wealthy
Men Here is sending agents out with
it all over the World there is Some
from Here gone to Germany if it would
Sell well in Ireland I can get Plenty
of it to take over there is Partys
[Parties?] Here told me to write you
and George and find out How it would do
there it can either be sent over by the
Bll [Barrel?] Rectified or in its Crude
State and be got Cheap if it Can be
introduced there we could make Plenty of
money out of the Buiseness[Business?] as I
could Send you thousand of Dollars worth of
it on time as you Have a Yard and
is well Posted in Buisinefs [Business?] you
could make it Pay well and not interfere with
other Buisenefs [Business?] there is men Here
entended[intended?] me to Start over this fall
and take about one Hundred Blls [Barrels?] with
me but I thought the Better way would be to write
you and George and find out How it
would sell I will send by Express
to you this week two or three Gallons
with Some Lamps that is Made on Purpose
to Burn it you will Have to Pay the
Charges there as the [they?] will not take
Pay Here farther than New York the lamps
could be Made Cheaper in Belfast than Here
but would want Some for a Patteren [Pattern?]
let me know what Sperm oil Sells at
there by the Gallon als [also?] Coal oil and
every other kind that is used for Burning
what do you Pay for Gass [Gas?] by the foot
by attending to this immeadeatly [immediately?] you
will very much oblige me and many
Good Substantiall [Substantial?] friends I Have Here
and it may also Pay yourselves well
for your Trouble there is Plenty Here
Making an Independent fourtune [fortune?] out
of the oil I Have a well sunk 140 feet but not
deep enough