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Title: [W------ll?] [Ireland?] to Isaac Cordulles, New York
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientCordulles, Isaac
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2015/6/1: Presented by C. L. Davis, Esq., 59 Maryville Park,Malone Road, Belfast 9
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9809035
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Doc. TypeLTE
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Word Count668
TranscriptIsaac Cordulles Esq
New York

22 Decr. 80 [1880?]

My dear Isaac
Your letters of 26th Novr. & 2d Decr came duly
to hand I wrote you a few lines acknowledging receipt
since then the apples are to hand & duly delivered one
to Mrs Hunter one to Mrs Gracy one to Mrs Gilbert & one
to [Spofield?] they all opened out in fine condition not a
bruised apple in any of the barrels they are the very best
American apples I have ever tasted our people are very
much pleased with them & desire me to convey to you their
best thanks for your kind & thoughtful present, the 3
Dollars [---?] can covered all expenses I had enough left to
treat several of the Boys & to Drink your good health
which we did with 3 times & 3 & one more.
I note your remarks about Jane Cordulles
with which I quite agree she is a fine girl & I hope she
will get a good husband if ever she comes to Belfast
it will afford me great pleasure to offer her the hospitality
of [s-----?] - I had a letter from Wm. [William?] Thompson the
other day saying the Executors wished a Brass plate put up
under a stained Glass Memorial Window Tom put up
to the memory of his father & mother in Holywood Church
I replied I would have it done while on this subject I
mention a circumstance which occurred on the evening
of the day on which poor Tom was buried all the family
dined that day at Mrs Gilberts & I was asked for
Dinner after Dinner we were talking about poor Tom
& speaking in admiration of this window, I then suggested
that Tom's four sisters should put up a memorial window
in the Church in memory of Tom & that a very fine one
could be put up for œ400 - Mrs McKibben at once
said she would be œ100 - Mrs. Thompson said she would be
one as did Mrs Gilbert Mrs Caruth was not in the
room at the time & when spoken to said she would like
to consult Mr Caruth first about it (Caruth having
gone home before this) I was certain it was all settled
so much that I spoke to the Vicar & Churchwarden
saying what a generous thing it was of Tom sisters &
asking them to leave to put the window in this was at one
agreed to & this whole thing caused a general feeling of
pleasure and satisfaction as it would adorn the church
& be a lasting memorial to poor Toms memory. you may
guess my surprise & annoyance when Mrs. Gilbert some
days afterwards told me Mr. Caruth did not approve of it
& the thing fell through = to Jane Cordulles's credit
& wish to add she very generously said she would be
the fourth but the others declined & I think were quite
pleased to be out of it & save their money. After all it
was a very small thing for each of them to give out of a
big legacy God help us money is not everything I dont
grudge them their riches with such sordid minds
as they must have - I am a very poor man & I would
rather than a fifty pound note it had been completed
& put up for the sake of poor Toms memory he
was very fond of our little church & subscribed very
liberally towards it he gave œ200 towards the new
organ some years ago - & was always very willing when
asked for any thing connected with the Church

I have not been able to get the information you require
about the York St. property but will do so soon and write
you again soon - with kind regards & wishing you many happy
returns of the season
I am dear Isaac
yrs [yours?] very truly [W ------ll?]

Yesty [Yesterday?] 21st Dec. was my Birthday 64.