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Title: Eliza Murphy to Katie E. Murphy, 2 August 1878
CollectionArgentina - Murphy
SenderMurphy, Eliza
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSan Martin, Salto, Argentina
DestinationHaysland, Co. Wexford, Ireland
RecipientMurphy, Katie E
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count637
Genrefamily news, motherly advice
TranscriptEstancia San Martin, Salto

My Dearest Katie,
Your very welcome letter to Papa of May 20th came duly to hand. I wrote to you on 14th June, having just returned from Salto with Clemmie after having Diphtheria llagas. I was at home only a week when baby Maggie Kehoe, who was minding her got bad. So off we goes to Salto again, as the Doctor should see them daily. We were only five day's there when I took bad myself, and I don't know how I would have done only for Mary Evoy Hood, who is with us now. She tended us all, then baby was better & two days after Maggie K. got up, St. John's day 24th June. I took bad and I am not got quite well yet. I got a heavy cold with pain in my head, neck and shoulders. But as we are expecting fine spring weather now, I hope soon to be quite well. Baby is quite strong. She did not fail in flesh at all. She is cutting her first tooth and is a very good little girl. She is like Maggie. Clement is rather delicate, but he is pretty well now. Papa bought him a velocipede, but he is too small to work it. But Lizzie is the girl for anything of that sort. She is very hardy. She did not take the Diphtheria although Ellen Kehoe & Fannie got it. Fannie is not well yet Lizzie is going on well at her lessons. She has her book on the table every night, as she don't have time for lessons during the day. Herself & Papa & Clemmie takes a paseo in Croydon sometimes around the camp. The little Grey looks well under the Croydon. Our tame are all been stolen, so
that we have to shut them in at night.
Dear Katie, I suppose by this time you are either in Dalkey or gone down to Haysland. Wherever you are I hope you will have sense and be a good girl, and do as you Aunt Margaret wishes and don't run wild while you are out of school. And be very careful if you are bathing not to go into too deep water, nor out too far, nor go into the water while in a heat after running & the like. Tell Maggie the same. I hope you will be careful of your clothes and if you are in the country not to wear your best dresses or other things every day. And also keep your frills & collars cuffs tidy. These you can wash yourself, & also your pocket handkerchiefs, and do them up with very little trouble, and keep Maggie's in order also.
Dear Katie, I hope your cold is got quite well by this time. Don't forget going to see poor little Nicholas's grave and make a little wreath of flowers or get something to dress it. If you are down there give my kindest regards to Miss Parker. If you see her also Papa join me in kind regards to Miss Fallon and Revd. Mother. Give our kind regards to the Misses Ballesty, particularly Anita. Mrs. Geoghegan is quite well. Give our love to Aunt Margaret, Uncle Martin, Uncle James, Maggie & all the girls, and to your Aunt Helena if you see her & family. I hope you will go and see Miss E. Fortune. Give her our kindest regards, & not forgetting Eddie. Papa has not been well for some time, with a pain in his back. He is better now. He sends you and Maggie his fondest love. Lizzie, Clemmie & baby also send ye loves and kisses, and accept the same fond feeling dear Katie from your loving Mama,
Eliza Murphy