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Title: Murphy, Kate A to Pettit, John, 1869
CollectionArgentina - Pettit
SenderMurphy, Kate A
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBuenos Aires, Argentina
DestinationMelbourne, Australia
RecipientPettit, John
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count573
Genredecease, wedding, family
TranscriptBuenos Aires, December 17th, 1869.
My very dear Cousin,
You will no doubt be surprised to receive a letter from me after such a long silence. I am sure you will almost ignore the existence of such a being. Forgive me dear absent cousin though I have not written I did not forget you, many times since the sad bereavement you have suffered I intended doing so but I wished to see Sally first so I deferred it until I came to town, you must remember we come very seldom to the capital. I have not been in since I last wrote to you, it is now twelve months, consequently had not the pleasure to seeing cousin Sally. I am only in town about a week so you see I do not delay in writing to you. I will not attempt beloved cousin to write you a letter of consolation in such affliction as that of the loss of a good kind father. I know too well the loss to feel that words are consoling, of course you know I lost mine during the dreadful epidemic cholera. You at least had the happiness to know that yours died a quieter death but we must resign ourselves to the divine will of Providence, if you had other brothers or sisters it would not be quite as lonely but I am certain you are not wanting for good kind friends to cheer you in your loneliness. I cannot do more than offer my poor prayers for the repose of his soul, do not dearest cousin fret too much, you know all the goods of this miserable world are transient. I am most anxious to hear from you, write soon tell me all how you pass your time and how your many friends, treat me as a fond sister is all I ask.
Have you heard from Sally that we are about to lose our cousin Fanny, she is to be married in April, the young man’s name is William Spalane, he is very good and in good circumstances, the only thing I regret is that she will live so far from us, about 40 leagues equal to 120 miles. I suppose her time has come to settle herself in life and as she has made a good selection all her family are content and a girl without father or mother requires some protection Fannie lives with her married sister.
My third eldest brother his name is John also got married since I last wrote to you, his wife is a sister to Fannie’s intended husband, they are coming to town soon they will get their carte de visite, I will not fail to keep you one.
I am sending another addition for your album, my youngest brother Michael and Sally’s brother Patrick. I will put their names on the back so as to know which is which, I am going to remain town until after Year. I will write again before I go home, I will not stand on ceremony waiting for you to answer me. My Aunt, Sally and all the family are quite well and desire fondest remembrances to you, wishing you a Merry Xmas and happy New Year, believe me ever your devoted cousin,
Kate A. Murphy
I will expect a long letter on receipt of mine and I assure you for the future I will write often to you, farewell.