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Title: Reynolds, Mary Ann to Reynolds, Mary Ann Jr., 1901
CollectionThe Reynolds Letters. An Irish Emigrant Family in Late Victorian Manchester [L.W. McBride]
SenderReynolds, Mary Ann
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationlinen worker
Sender Religionunknown
OriginManchester, England
DestinationChicago, Illinois, USA
RecipientReynolds, Mary Ann Jr.
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count331
Genrefamily, politics, friends
Transcript1, Norton Place,
Wilmslow Road,
March 27/01

My Dear Niece,
I received youre Kind letter of January 21st and was glad to heare you
ware all well. I would have answered it Sooner but I have not been well
Sence this year Set in. Some weeks not able to go out. We have had very
bad weather and a great dale of Sickness in Manchester. Near ley every
person was complaning about the weather, nasty damp cold weather,
nasty damp cold weather.
Your Uncle William is in the best of health. He got all the papers and
James letter. He will write Soon. He is very busy at presant. We are
always busy befor Easter.
Dear Mary, I am Proud to hear you Love the old Land sow well. The
war in South Africa is nearly settled. It will be a good thing for both Sids.
England has lost the best men in her army and it Servs her jolley well
Right. We will have to suffer paying tax.
I was Sorry abot Father Reynolds brother getting hurt sow badley. I
hope he is quite well by this time. Remember Me to Father Reynolds. He
is a fine Irish Man.
We read all the papers. The ware fine. I get 2 Every week. The Milwakee
Citize[n], a very good catholic paper. The other is the Darlington
Democrat. Sow you See I have a lot of american news.
My Dear Niece, By the time you get this letter we will be near the
Great feast of Easter. Enclosed is an Easter Card. I would like a better one but today it was Sow Cold to go far. It was Snowing fast this afternoone.
Now I finish Wishing you all Mother yourselfe & all my nephews a
joyouse Easter.

Your Sincere Aunt
Mary A. Reynolds
PS Youre Uncle John is in good health and his wife. I dont think he will
start in buisness again. He has anough to Keep them.