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Title: Normile, Michael Jr to Normile, Michael Sr, 1858
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderNormile, Michael Jr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstoreman, carter
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWest Maitland, N. South Wales, Australia
DestinationDerry, Co. Clare, Northern Ireland
RecipientNormile, Michael Sr
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count758
Genrenews, labour
TranscriptWest Maitland Decmb. 8th. 1858
My Dear Father
I am to answer your letter dated July 23d which gave us great con­ solation to hear from you and to find you and Family in good health as this leaves us in good health thank God.
I am to inform you that I am in the same Employment as yet in this Town. Patt Neylon left it, and is gone to a new Diggings a good way from here. He is to come home in Christmass [erased: I hope]. The harvest season is here now and is promising very good there is pleanty wheat through out the Colloney. There harvest is wheat and hay making. It is not so hot this year as it was last year. The Farmers ar frightend they will have a wet harvest for they would sooner have it a hot season.
Dear Father –I suppose my uncle John will Blame me for not Scending for him. I am confidant sure it is better for him to stop at home. There is a good many here that would wish to be back again. It would become him very strange to do many things here that he would have to do –at one Instance there is many men that has to cook there own rations and wash their own cloths that I know John would not like. You asked me before to Pay Tom McMahons Pasage but I would not. I have sceen too many of that after People Paying money here for their Pasage and coming out here the curse them and scould them for bringing them here therefore I wount have aney thing to do with them. Its not in account of what I Pay for them –but havin seen so many examples I dont like to do so. Buisness is geting very slack here of late there is so many Emigrating to this Coloney. Belive my word it is not so easy to get gold here as yea think at home. A young man has to work here for his living before he can work [erased: out a living] for himself except he is luckey at diggings or some other Place.
I got a letter not long before I wrote this from Morten Bay. They are doing very well. Michl. Carrigg has lost one of his eyes but he is all right now thank God for he has his halth. He suffered a good deal with his eyes. I hope it is all over now plase God. He tells me in his letter that he is dooing very well. He has a house and Place of his own where nobody can molest him. Tell Michl. Healy that I did not see his daughter scince she got married. I know where she lives but I dont know her Husbands christing name. I know his sirname Markamy. If he writes tell him to direct his letter to ... Markamh Reymond Terrace Hunter River via Sydney or to me if he likes and I will scend it to her. I think he knows his name himself.
Let me know all about home especily my uncles and aunts Martin Neylon wife and family. I hope they are all well. Give my love to all your friends and relations.
Dear Father I mean to let you know Something Concerning Some of the neighbors that come out here. I did act as a Brother to her when she come out here (I mean [erased: Honora McDonough]). I got her two or three good Places me & my wife. She has turned out the greatest tattler in this Town the Mean Slut not even the People that lives in the Town that she knows but people that is at home far from here. I concealed it in my last letter to you thinking that the Almighty might Put a Stop to her boundless tounge but no, worse & worse she is geting saying every thing to do us harm, we being so kind to her as to get a place for her at same Place as I work as House maid –I let you know more in my next letter.
I conclude to night for I am in a Hurry for the Mail. It goes on the 11th. lnst. the ship Collimbian. Wishing you and Stepmother Brothers & Sisters a very Happy Christmass & many new years I remain your loving
Son M. Normile

I got a letter from Tom Doolan of late. He and is sister are all right.