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Title: Normile, Michael Jr to Normile, Michael Sr, 1862
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderNormile, Michael Jr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstoreman, carter
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWest Maitland, N. South Wales, Australia
DestinationDerry, Co. Clare, Northern Ireland
RecipientNormile, Michael Sr
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count896
Genrenews, labour, life in the colonies
TranscriptWest Maitland
April 18th. 1862
My Dear Father
I am glad to Acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated Decembr. 28/61 which gives me & wife great consolation to hear from you and from the old country. Belive me dear Father I feel meself at home when I am reading your valuable letters & newspapers, I read them over & over –but to my grief I expect I never will see Ireland anny more or the Land that gave me birth. It's all I can say I wish yea all & the Country you live in every good luck & prosperity.
My dear Father
I might be a wealthier man than what I am at presant If I did go to the [erased: Interiour] wild country to live and live there like wild cattle, where I would not see a Priest for years nor the face of a white man for months. It's strange to hear & see how some people lives in this Coun.try. I know some people living (what we call the bush) in the Interiour far from the country. They might be Catholics. If they hapen to have a family they Cant run to a Priest to get them christined. They Come down here some times With as many as half a Dozen at a time and get them Baptized and the whole of them well able to talk to the Priest. Catholics has the worst chance for anny such thing in the bush. As for other religions I could count as many as 6 or 7. All of them has plenty (what the call clergymen traversing the country well paid from goverment for converting them as they say so). I heard a yarn from a rue Auther that he had seen a young girl of pretty good age, getting christened & married the same time by what we call Wesleyan Preacher. Certanly there is a great many young natives both sex in this country and I am sure they dont think there is a God. They are wild and careless about religion but very Hospitible. A man can travel the whole Country without a penny that is if he walks or has his own horse to ride go from one station to another. You will get plenty of bred & meat you can stop as long as you like no charege that is there rules.
My dear Father
I did not choose to go far away. I am near the priest & church and religion I have plenty as yet thank God. I am working in the old place still. I have 4 in Family 3 girls & a boy the eldest is going to school. We are comfortable as yet thank God.
I am to inform you that Michl. Carrigg wife and family were all well when I last herd from them. So is Patt Neylon he is Married and doing well. I wrote to the McMahons I got no answer from them also to Ritchard I got no answer so I dont know what reason they have for it. Idid not hear of late from Thomas or Hana Doolan. I will write to them again in short. I hope Margret Will arrive safe and be happy here after. This is a good country for man or woman when they get accustumed to the work of the place and keep from bad Company. I got a letter from Sister Bridget of late. She intends to go to Morten Bay to her Sister Susans.
I am very glad to hear that Miss Margret Shannon is married and called Mrs Stretch. She cant have more luck than I wish her. I hope Mr. James Shannon Mrs Shannon & family which I hope they have are well. I was verry sorry to hear of you to let your old chapel to be chifted to (Ballyfadeen). O poor Derry is gone and to let them crow over yea.
I must let you know that I have not sceen Michl. Healy's daughter Scince She got Married but I heard from her often. She is dooing very well also. I was told that she has another Sister out from home named Susan. I have not seen her.
Let me Know how is my Father in Law Martin Neylon wife & family. Let me Know in your next how is my uncles &aunts or did John get Married yet. I expect my uncle Edmonds son is a big Boy be this. I hope dear Father that you will have good help for the future. I hop that God will spare you to them for a long time and earnestly Pray to God for the restoration of your Health. Remember me to all enquiring friends & relations. Let me know is Big Darby Leary & wife living as yet. My wife wants to be rembered to them also she wants to be rembrd. to her Father & Mother Brothers & Sister. She says that she has nothing to tell her Father &. but what I tell them. She gets no accont from her Sister Mary. I must conclude this scroll. My wife &me Joins in scending our love to you Stepmother Brothers & Sisters. When I say that I say the whole of you I remain
your Iovin son M Normile
I will scend some Newspapers By this Mail.