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Title: Normile, Michael Jr to Normile, Michael Sr, 1863
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderNormile, Michael Jr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstoreman
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWest Maitland, N. South Wales, Australia
DestinationDerry, Co. Clare, Northern Ireland
RecipientNormile, Michael Sr
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count966
Genrenews, emigration
TranscriptWest Maitland
15th Septr 1863

My dear Father
I received your letter By the last mail which gave me and wife great Consolation to hear from you & Family being well. Also I was very Happy to hear from my Sisters in America. I wrote different letters To them & got no reply. I thought it might be the reason they did not wite [write] the state their Country is in at presant. I hop the wars of America will soon be at an end. It will be a good Country after. The English mail that arrived this week has brought news that their is great rumours of war between Rusia France & England-which I hope there will if it does any good for Farmers In Ireland. They cant be much worse (I hear) than what they are at presant.
Dear Father –I am verry sorry to hear that Mr J Shannon is not your Land Lord. How in the name of Providance was it Swingled away from him. I should like to hear the whole of it but deer Father I expect it would be too much trouble for you. If the Trial had been published in anny of the Dublin Papers Mr Shannon might get it for you and scend it to me. Let me know has he left old Derry House the Mansion of his Father & Mother and his own native house & home. If I should see Derry House and he not living there I would Surely shed tears for it (But I expect I never will) ro my griefe. Dont forget to let me know how Mr Shannon is situated for I feel very uneasy for it. He is a loss to you dear Father that I know thoug I live far away from you.
I have been a bad son to you dear Father but I could not help it. I had a few Pounds once and I was thinking of buying a piece of Ground to Build on it a House. But something come and took away which I dont like to tell –after that Providance laid sickness on both of us which cost me some scores of pounds. Thank God we are all right at presant.
Michl Foley comes to see us often. He lives about 6 miles from us. He is a steady young man and doing well. He told me that you loocked fresh and young yet which I was very glad to hear. I hope my Mother [added: in law] and Family are well. Ye must have good help at home. I expect my Brothers are well able to work. Neddy ought to be a strong fellow. He was a promising youth when I left home.
This Country is not turning out as good as people thought. There is a great flow of Emigrants to here daily from England Ireland Scotland Germany & China. This country is infested with that race of people chinamen that they are able to destroy any Employer. The work for little or nothing. And besides this country is in trouble very much in the Interiour whit what they call Bushrangers young vagabonds that does not care for God or man plundering and robing takeing peoples lives which you will see an account in the newspaper of some of their doings that I will scend you along with this letter. It is not safe to travel in it with money Horses or Goods of any Kind that they can lay their hands on. There is a good few of them taken by the police. There is one of them in Maitland Jaol condemed to Death and another man waiting for his trial to come off.
I got a letter From my Sister Susan of late they are all well. She informed me in the letter that Michl. McMahon arrived there of late in good Health. I wrote to them when l got the letter from home. I mentioned to them about Mary Carrigg l got no answer as yet. Dear Father I wish to let you know my Sister Bridget is well. She is married and living about 60 miles from Sydney. Let me know if you possibly can did Mich. Ford receive 3 £ that his son Patcy scend a long time ago. It was I that scend Jt for him. I mean I directed the letter from him that Conveyed it home.
I am still living with the same people. I have not much work to do but waiting in the shop as grocier & Draper per times. We are all right at presant thank God. Bridget and the children are enjoying good Health. You wanted to know their names –which I will let you know (Mary Susan John & Margret, they are good children thank God). Also you wanted to know Patt Neylons wifes name. (Catherine Colman) was her maiden name a good strong Healthy woman. They are all well at presant.
Let me know his [?how is] Martin Neylon and wife. It would take me too long to mention their names. I hope you will remember me to my uncles Aunts & relations, give my love to them all also to all my old Neighbours not forgeting Stepmother Brothers & Sisters and you my loving Father. That the Almighty may spare you long to your Family blive this to be the constant Prayer of your son
M Normile
Dont forget if you can to scend me newspapers as often as you can. I got the last ones you scend me. It gives me great pleasure in reading them. I can scend you newspapers every month if the be any use to you. I have nothing else particular to tell you. Good by for ever I suppose.