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Title: Scott, Isabella to Wyly, Edward, 1859
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderScott, Isabella
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationshop assistant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAdelaide, Australia
DestinationNewry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
RecipientWyly, Edward
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
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Word Count809
May 17 1859
My dear Edward
I received your long looked for letter dated February 17th. I was
sorry to hear the sad Newse of your dear Grand Mothers death, I trust
what was your loss was her gain. 1 was delighted to hear her end was a
happy one, it is the only comfort left for those behind, we could not wish
her back again to this world of sin and misery. I hope your dear Mama
has been Given Grace to bear it with Christian Pacience [?]. I have no doubt
that she will be suported under all Knotting [?knowing nothing] will be
put on her more than she will be able to bare. It is har[d] to part bu[t] we
must expect it some day or other, as we know the lot of all men is to die.
I trust dear Edward when our time comes I hope we shall have our lamps
Trim[m]ed prepared to meet our Sav[i]our.
Dear Edward give my kind love to your dear Mama. I hope by this
time She has quite recovered. Is the Buisness left to her, or is it a Partnership
affair I should so like to know. I hope, all your Grand Mothers affairs
were left square and that your Mama will have no truble but I hope to get
on well. I have written 3 letters for the one you wrote. I hope she has
received them for I sent a Gold Pin which I should not like to be lost and
all the newse which you ar ancious to he[ar] I expect. I have also sent a
Newes Paper containing the colloni[al] events.
I must tell you I am as happy as the day is long and has all this world
can afford to make me happy a dear kind good Husband which is better than
all. We live in North Adelaide about 11/2 Miles from Town where Mr Scotts
Shop is I have told you what he is and all about him in my last letter.
His Sister is living with us. She goes in to buisness with her Brother
Ever[y] morning and returns in the evening. She is a dear Sister to me. I
Shoul[d] not know what to do without her. She is so kind and good. You
shoul see us just now. We ar all writing to old Ireland round the table and a comfortable little fire in a comfortable little Cottage, in fact it is a perfect little Picture of happiness. I only wish you could transfer your self for a Month and then you could answer for yourself.
Fanny has promised to to enclose a Note in this so I expect she will
tell you all the newes. I live very near them and I see them some times. It
is plesant to live near each other.
I hope dear Susan is well. I shoul so like to have her with me. Give
my love to her and lots of Kisses. I expect she will take the shine out of
all her cosins in education. I hope she will, is she quick at learning. Does
she take after her Poor Pappa, I shoul like to know.
I intend send my likness by the first chance. You woul have had it
long ago but I thought you woul[d] like to have my dear Husbands face
with mine. I do not forget my promise. I shll send all togethr. I hope you
will fill up a Sheet of Note Paper nextime as you forgot this time to do.
I hope I shll hear from your Mama soon. I shall be ancious to hear
from her. Remember me to your Aunt Jane [?] I suppose she remembers
me. Do you go home ever[y] Sunday. How long have you to serve before
you ar out of your time. What ar you getting per week and do you live in
the house. Excuse my questions but you know for what motive I ask. I like
to know how you ar Getting on. Do you go to Dublin ever.
I am expecting] to hear from Uncle John or some of them. I am so
glad to hear from them. I have sent them cards, and your Mama also. I
get a paper from Uncle J nearly ever[y] month is it not kind. I hope you
will pardon this long Scribble. The Mail starts tomorrow so I did not like
but to accnolidge Yours at wonce. I hope you will be as punctual.
I must leave all the remaining newse for Fanny and conclude joined
by all in kind love to you and your dear Mama & Sister & believe me dear
your ever fond & Affectionate
Aunt Isabella A Scott
Write your letter the same. Gault & Scott.
God bless you all.