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Title: Scott, Isabella to Wyly, Matilda, 1859
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderScott, Isabella
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationshop assistant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAdelaide, Australia
DestinationNewry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
RecipientWyly, Matilda
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
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Word Count1108
TranscriptMona Cottages
October 18th 1859
My dear Sister
I received your long looked for letter dated Augt 10th. I was almost
begining to think you had forgotten me. You say you wrote to me acnolidging
the Pin. I never received it, I was quite ancious [?] untill I herd.
I was very sorry to hear of your loss but I trust it was your dear mothers
gain. It is a world of sepparation but there is one consolation. We may get to
that world where parting is not known. Do you intend to keep
on the Business, or at you in Partnership with Mrs Prescot [?]. I hope you
will get on well. I know it will not be for want of exertion on your part.
I soppose dear Susin will soon be able to help you but it would be a
pitty to take her from school as long as you could. I am so glad to hear
dear Edward is getting on so well. I trust he will be a comfort to you. Give
my kind love to him & tell him I shall write to him nex[t] time as I have
left this within a few hours of mail time. I hope he has got ray last by this
time, as I sent half of my promised present to him and also our likeneses
which did not please me. I should have had them taken again only we had
not time. I hope you will see they originals some day which you will say
then that they did not flatter my dear William and they say I was not
flattered either.
Give my love to Uncle John & family. I am lookin[g] out for a leter
from them soon. I soppose Uncle told you that he Met Mr. Gault that is
William[s] Partners Brother and his full cosin. There ar 2 of his Brothers
living in Manchester. I expect if you ar going there to purchase goods you
will meet with them. One of them knows dear Thomas very well also Uncle
Johns sons. I was so Glad to hear they new some of my friends. They wrote
to that affect to their Brother Robert Gault but after all there ar none of
them like my dear husband. You will say & so I say but more than me
can testify the same. I must tell you I am as happy as ever in our dear little
cottage. I should so like you coul[d] to come to see us, and Judge for
yourself. There would be such a resepcion for you from a thorough out &
out Irish heart.
I have had a serious [?] Illness since I wrote to you last. I soppose you
will gess what it was, when I tell you I had a Nurse & Doctor &c you
may imagine what it was, but thank God I am quite well again. I have
much to be thankful for. Hilth & Strength, happin[es]s.
Poor Uncle has been very Poorly indeed. He had an Apses [abscess]
on his Back which had to be cut out which gave him much pain. I am
afraid his constitution is completely broaken. Poor fellow I feel so sorry
for him but thank God he is now better again & able to go to busines
again. Fanny is still going to School & all they others except Robert &
they youngest. Robert has left the drapery busin[ess] & is learning to be
an Architect and is only getting 10/ per week and he got 15/- and his food
in the drapery Shop which mak[es] a deel of difference in the week.

Ruth sends her kind love to you. She is quite well & has 2 little ones
and the 3d expect[e]d. She is quite a little mother. Aunt said she would
enclose a line with this but she has not sent it so I soppose I may send her
love to you also all they family. She will tell you all the newes of her family
that I have left out.
Do you ev[e]r hear anny News of Poor Aunt Lucy. I shoul so like to
hear from her. Dear William was so pleased to Get a paper from dear Edward.
I should so like Edward would write to him. He would be very pleased.
Have you seen any thing of the revival of religin that is going on in
Belfast. It seams to me as if all the North was in a confusion. I hope it is
for we want to see the land of our birth converted to God & Perticul[arl]y
the dark benighted parts of it. I have made up my mind that the King is
about to comfort the hole world for it seams as if he was passing out his
Spirit upon all Plases & all Churches.
We have had a sad loss in loosing one of our dear devoted Ministers
the one that Married us. He was a dear priest of mine one who always
took an intrest in me a priest like a father but he is gon to heaven & who
could wish him back. All I can say is, may my end be like his. He preached
3 times the Sundy before he died, twice in Chapel and once in the open
air. He was very impressive [?]. He had a litle cold then but he did not mind
that but it brought on fever [?] which caused his death in 5 days. He has
left a wife & 2 Children to deplore his loss. She is a dear Christian. She
can with all confidence say thy will be done. Nearly all the congregation
was in morning and a Minister of almost all denominations were at His
funeral what got [?] up with our respect.
I inclose a him [hymn] he sang with his little Girls hand in his 12
hours before he died & and almost out of his mind. He did go quite out
of his mind before he died. I think you will say I am wandering from subject
to subject but I was so fond of him I cannot but tell you of him.
I hope I wont tire your patience with this scrible as usual. Write soon
& tell me all the newse. Give my kind love to Mrs. Prescot [?]. I soppose
she cannot remember me. Kiss the dear Children for me.
Dear William & his Sister Unites with me and dear love to you.
Believe me dear Sister your ever fond & Affectionate Sister
Isabella Alice Scott
Write soon. Excuse haste.