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Title: McMillan, Hamilton to Orr, William, 1861
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderMcMillan, Hamilton
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationdigger
Sender Religionunknown
OriginVictoria, Australia
DestinationGrey Abbey, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
RecipientOrr, William
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipold neighbour
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count673
Genrepetition for assistance
TranscriptForest Creek June 23rd./61
Mr Orr
Dear Sir,
I Must trouble you once more to do me a favour. We are all in good
health ar present as I hope this will find you. My Brother in law William
Boyce Sends a Check for the Sum of twenty-five Pounds £25 on the Bank
of Australasia in this letter for the purpose of bringing his Sister & her son
out to this Country Ellen Thompson & her son Robert. I think it is better
to Bring them out in one of the passenger Ships as it would delay them too
Ions to wait to the Emigration would be open again.
Mr Orr you will be Kind enough to tell her not to bring anything
with her but what she will Stand in need of on the passage as it would cost
as Much to bring them up to the Diggings as they would be worth. Besides,
they would be a Burden to her on the passage. When her Brother William
& Johny Regan Came out the Sort of Provisions that the found best to
Answer was flour potatoes a few salt Herrings and a little Ham. Now these
things she Could Bring from home, Say-1/2 Cwt potatoes 30 lb flour four
or five Doz Salt Herrings & a little Ham, and to have these things put in
her day Box and to have it in her Berth, so that she can get it any time on
the passage. The Ships Allowance is plenty for a passenger But the above
named articles is rather Scarce.
And Sir—if You Could get any person to see her & the child togather
with the Boxes placed on Board of the Ship, Suppose she Sails from Liverpool,
and to pay him for his trouble I think it would be better as she is
not Much accustomed to these things. If the Amt in this check is not sufficient
to cover all expences If you be Kind enough to supply her with
anything that she might be deficient of as Soon as I hear from you I shall
return you the Amt by the Next Mail. Sir you will be Kind enough to write
as soon as you agree for the passage and let us Know the Name of the
Ship and the day she Sails so that we can be on the look out for her Arrival,
and send the Amt in full of what she may be deficient of and what ever
funds you have supplyd her with at any other time. I would Have wrote
sooner only waiting to see If we could obtain a passage for her & the Boy
by the Emigration System but the passages was all taken up.
Wm Orr Gowdie was in my place on last Sunday and he told me
that Robert Hutten was in a Company near Ballarat. I heard of Alexander
Clark and that he was in Mr Gowdies a few days ago and that he was well
and his Brother Also. I heard nothing of Mr Jeffry scince I wrote last.
Thomas Brooks is driving a waggon on the roads. I see him frequently.
Robert Byers was down at my place scince I wrote last. I heard about 3
weeks-ago that James Kerr was at Malmsbury. Johny Regan & My Brother
John & I is always working togather.
My Mother in law Mrs. Boyce will be for ever obliged to you for
your trouble that you have had with her Daughter on other Occasions as
well as now. I think I have Mentioned all particulars Concerning her Passage
& the rest you will please do as seems to you best. I will Conclude
with Sending our best respects to you & Father & Mother and all enquiring
and I remain Yr. Scincere Friend,
Hamilton Mc.Millan

B of Australasia
No. 3915
£25. Castlemane
30 days sight[?] 21 June/61
To the B of Australasia
Threadneedle St
Mr. William Orr
Grey Abbey
Co of Down