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Title: Dalton, William to Hogan, Johanna, 1853
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDalton, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationprosperous farmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Tipperary, Ireland
DestinationNew South Wales, Australia
RecipientHogan, Johanna
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshipformer employer-former servant
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count1309
Genrenews, advice, farming
Transcriptthe abbey golden
august 20 1853
Dear Johana
Yours of the 23 of March reached the abbey on the 5th of this month
together with two numbers of the Morning Herald and on the 15th of this
Month the Morning Herald of 28th of May Directed to Mrs Dalton with
your name in it arrived here. I need not tell you how greatfull Mrs D and
all are to you for your Kindness, and how happy we all felt on receiving
your very Kind and affectionate nice letter. What a comfort it is to you to
be able to write Such a letter and how greatfull you Should be to the Father
and mother that gave you the oportunity of doing so which I am Sure you are.
Yes it was always my opinion of you and family that yee all were
possed [possessed] of that Degree of honour and honesty and gratitude
which was very rear [rare] to be found in an other family and what I often
Said Since yee left that yee Couldent but have look [luck] which I am glad
to percive by your letters. Yes indeed Johana it is now I Know year wor[th]
when I am Dealing with a Set of robbers that I cannot trust one of them.
Not so when I had yee. I came home quite Content with the Keys of all
my barn[s] under year care but now I must Stay and bring them home
every night. Often I told the ruffins yee left after yee that I wished to god
I Kept one of yee at home and gave him a hundred pounds ayear I would
put three in my pocket. I hope I need not adviz[e] yee to follow the Same
line of life in a forren land as I am sure that Nothing will induce yee to
act other Wise. Dear Johana if those who you live with Knew year Worth
as I do What a treasure they would Set on yee. You Mention that you are
living with a leady & if She Know Your Worth as Well as I do What a
treasure She Would have in you but if you live with her for any time She
then will say that I have not told half your worth. Yes Johana for your
Morel Conduct honour and honesty I would be Security to any amt Not
for you a lone but for any Member of your family.
The leadies here were very glad to hear that poor little Mary was
gone to the Convent. As to my part I think you Can Save your Soul out
side as well as her. I was nevr fond of Convents. You Canot but remember
that I had my darling Maria in one of them for five years paying a 100£
a year for her and Came horn to Me with her health impaired. Besides my
Notion is that god Never created a being to go Shut themselves up for life
and Say their prayers. But poor Mary was always fond of praying as Kit
often told me when ever I Should Send her to the dairy house that She
Spent the Morning Saying prayers & it would be well that She Spent Some
time Saying them.
The last letter I received from your Brother Ned he Said he wrote it
three days after he was Marrid. You will blive Me When I tell you that I
laughed harty as I always thought that Ned would never have the Courage
of Marring [marrying] any Woman. He Says that She was a good loving
wife he Should wait untill the honney Moon was over. But when I told the
tads in Mough that he was Marrid young Loyde Cursed out that he did
not think he would marry the first leady in Ireland. I asked him Why. His
answer was that if a girl looked at him that he would run a mile from her
So that I am apt to think there must be something very temting abut her
when She throw a leg under Ned. Yes Poor Ned in him She has got a
treasure and I tell the loving wife though loving She is that She got ten
times a more loving husband. I wish poor Ned and his loving Wife from
the bottom of My heart every look but I hope that your Brothers thoughts
are not wained [weaned] from you and to be Candid feel More happy to
hear that you were Marrid [torn: ?and in your] own house. Tell your [torn:
?Brothers from] me that [I] hope the will not Neglect your welfare as to
you they owe a gredale [great deal]. Let turn their thoughts and think of
the Beautifull Clean ordly little Cottage they had to Come into after their
day Leabour Whilst under your Care. I have never gone into it Since yee
left. How often did I rejoise in going in to it when I had an hour to 5pair
of a wet day to See everything So orderly and Clean. Do you recollect the
little dresser and all the cheeonee [?china] that you had in it. Tell your
Brothers that I will expect to hear that you are in your own house in your
next letter. They one and all promised me when parting in Dundrum that
the would take Care of you and indeed I am s[?ure] they will. Do not offer
to think of following Mary. Stay out Side get Marrid and you [torn: ?will
always] be a treasu[r]e to [one and a half lines missing].
This Country is fast Improving. Land is in as great demand as ever.
For the las twenty years we had not Such a Crop of potaties. I Break the
field oposite Jack Kennedy and I am sure it will produce 40 brls to the
Quarter [rood]. Pork is 3£ a cwt Butter £5 a cwt Beeff 7D a lb Mutton
6D every thing that grass feeds are as high as they were in Bonaparts time.
I See by the paper you sent me that Irish Butter Sells high in Sydney. I wish
I Could Send you a firkin of the right Sort from abbey one of Mrs Murnanes
Make. Your old native Spot Clougheleigh is all let. Keffin [?] has 300
acres but very low by [?] 10s an acre. Willy Scully is living in Larry
Creagh[s] house Castle Park. [2 or 3 lines torn off]
You Could Not think how lonly every place is here. Every one that
Can g[o] to yee and to America are going. Still we hav near enough yet
you May Judge. I road by your little Cottage a few days ago and the thisels
were growing in the middle of the road.
Now Dear Johana write often and send the papers and I will write
as often an[<l| send you papers. Your frind Father McDonnell is Dead. He
was removed to Cashele got feaver and died. Yee say nothg about my last
letter. Ned Should have it long as I directed to Mr Gibbins for yee. I Send
yee News papers with this. You w[ilt] read a Speach of Docter Cahils it
will remind yee of the old Country and the old religion. Fare well Dear
Johana god Bless yee. Give my love to all the fam[ily]. [2 or 3 lines torn off]
Do not forget to write often. I send the free press the [Vi]ndicater
the Ion [London Weekly] Dispatch and will be always happ[y to] hear from
you if the boys are Sucsesfull at the [D]egenns [diggings]. Come home I
will get yee a good [h]usband. It is a pitty you should Breed in any place
but Cloghleigh.
Farewell god Bless yee. Your Couzin received your letter with the enclosure.
She seems greatfull.