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Title: Dalton, Eliza to Hogan, Johanna, 1853
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDalton, Eliza
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationprosperous farmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Tipperary, Ireland
DestinationNew South Wales, Australia
RecipientHogan, Johanna
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshipformer employer-former servant
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count510
TranscriptAbbey Sept 4th. 1853
Dear Johana
Need I say I am indebted for the kindness you evinced in writting
and also how I rejoice for your welfare. Indeed I should be ungrateful, if I
were not interested for you and each of your family. In justice to them I
must say that few in humble life better than them left this Country. You
wont forget to give them my best wishes, particularly to Mary. I am delighted
at the choise she made tell her to pray for me. It has been the will
of God to afflict me with a Succession of Severe trials, nor am I rid of them
yet. Mr. Denis is in the last Stage of Consumption. Very probable before
this reaches you He will be laid in his resting place. He has the Sympathy
of all who know him but what avails it to those who are conscious of
immediate danger. You will also be sorry to hear that your kind friend the
Rev Michael Mc.Donnel caught fever in discharge of his duty Survived only
a few days. He was waked and buried in the Chapel of Cashel, amidst the
wai lings of the poor, for whom he Seemed to live. He was only a few
months Curate to his Uncle and lest he may die in debt had his life insured
for £100. His poor Sister the Nun daily visits his Grave not to weep but
pray. You Cant expect much news from me whose thoughts & attention
are engaged by my dying son. Mr John is at home Since last April you
never saw him looking better. He does not like the climate of America.
Mr Willy was well when las I heard from him. Father Matthew met him and
Said he is a credit to his Country.
I sent your letter to your Aunt McGlin knowing it would be a comfort
to her and enclose you her note. Since last November we have not heard
from Matt Blake his address Robert Cassels Esqr. Islend Lake Cooma Manaroo.
Will you give them my best wishes. You can also say that two of
James Ryans Sisters left Abbey for Melbourn last June. James Magrath, the
Coopers daughter is also in Melbourn. Julia Kenedy left for America her
Sister has an exellent situation in England. The Turners who lived with Mr
Wayland are in your old habitation. Mr Wayland gone to Austrilia his
family in Dublin. The police are removed from Mough. Ned Kenedy Steward
there as usual he will miss them. Why Should you Speak of triffling
postage to me who Shall always be anxious to hear from you, and also
expect that nothing will prevent your writting. Mrs. Quinlan was here last
Sunday we were talking a long time of you. Her Son will be ordained next
Summer. Mart [Margaret] Dwyers best wishes to you all. She is sorry that
those of her family who went to America Are not in your Country.
Adieu dear Johana
And Blieve me
Most Sincerely Yours
Eliza Dalton