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Title: Dunne, Michael Sr to Dunne, Christopher, 1867
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDunne, Michael Sr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKells, Co. Meath, Ireland
DestinationBrisbane, Queensland, Ireland
RecipientDunne, Christopher
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count501
Genrenews, advice
19th. June 1867

I Received your letter, dated March 18th 1847 [1867] and highly
rejoyst we ware at hearing from you. Yet the accident you happend with
turned our Joy into Griefs, yet we are all bound to turn Thanks to God
you were not Killed on the moment of the Occurrance. I hope you are
finely [finally] recovered. We felt much for your Children during your Illness
what the do. Our recourse was to pray to God, both for them and
you Your Mother got Holy Mass said for you God to restore you to your
health and Children also for your Spiritual and Timporal wellfare We
always remember you in our prayr. Thomas Brady wrote to his Father and
in His letter, sayd. you met with the accident you mention. He told it to
your Mother the account he got, could not say whether Killd or not which
left us in suspince untill we received your letter. You may think what Grief
pervaided over us untill your letter Came to us.
You said Michael promisd. sending you news papers. He did so 3
papers, when he wrote to you.
I have to aprise to you your Sister Margret got Married last Sun aft to
Christy Farrell Carlanstown. The are living at Dressog near Kilbeg
Dr [Dear] Christy, We had a serious loss of Cattle this year, no less
than 10 Beasts died of the Lung Distemper and prinsipally the Milch
Cows –and a fine Foal of the Waterhen [?horse's name], which showe[d]
a great Beauty.
We told Patrick Murtha what his son said to you consenting him
and Children. Dear Christy we have to say we are all in Good health thank
providence, and wish to be remembered to you each and every one of us
Judy often talks of you when you wold come home. We would all be glad
if God permit. Your .nquireing Friends Mr. & Mrs McDonell and Children
Mrs King, Mr. Thomas Kernan and Children, Patk. Christy & Ann Gibney, Mrs Ryan George & Peter sends there best respects to you. Patrick Smith Biddy Hand, Thomas & Catty wishes to be remembered to you. Pat Dinnin and Wife Thos Mangan wife and Children, James Murphy Williamston Cottage and Many More to numerous to insert. W. S. Garnert Mrs. Garnett and Children are in good Health
Dear Christy I humbly intrate and beg of you above all things, is to
pray to God at all times to protect and save you and your Children from
Da[n]gers, and never loos Mass on any account where Christ is offerd for
the Living and the dead. I Hope in God your next letter will be more
favourable than the Last.
Dear Christy I Send you a Post Office order for £5-os-od five pounds
and believe me it is as much as I could do at present.
Dr. Christy I now Conclud by sending you and also your mother Blessing-
We pray to God for you.
Michael Dunn