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Title: Dunne, Michael Sr & Michael Jr to Dunne, Christopher, 1869
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDunne, Michael Sr & Michael Jr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKells, Co. Meath, Ireland
DestinationBrisbane, Queensland, Ireland
RecipientDunne, Christopher
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count807
TranscriptNorbinstown 16th. June 1869
Dear Christopher,
I received your letter of the 13th. March last (69). I am Happy to
find you and Children are all well thanks be to God. Also I am glad to
hare your Change from Brisbane to Toowoomba is for the better & more
cool. The Change of air will be an adition to your health. You have not
said what your salary is p year, or how you & Children are situated or do
the stay where you are doing Duty or how the are supported. Are the under
your Inspecton so as to bring them up in the fair [fear] and Love of God.
I am glad Colonel Blackall the the governer [?of his] coloney of
Queensland has paid so much respect to the Marquis of Headford letter to
Sir John Young, in your behalf. Sir John Young is at present General Governer
in the Canadas. I wish Him every success. You will never want a
Friend whilst the live. The Maquis was proud of your Apointment.
Dear Christopher, I expect you will support the Confidence Placed in
you[?] with Credit to your Self, and Children. Always be submessive to
you[r] Superiors. Show Kindness to all Men, as you wish to be don to you.
I hope there is a Catholic Clirgyman—in the Establishment you are placed
in. I'd wish to know have you some hours of recreation that would be
Condusive to Health.
Dear Christy Your Mother and I Got a turn of sickness this winter
it originated from a Cold. I was nearly to [two] months confind to my
Bead. We are getting over it, thank God. You wrote to Know of W. S.
Garnet Mrs Garnett and Family the are all well. Two fine Boys is all the
family as yet. The got a Letter from Mr. Wade Garnett from Australia he
is doing will.
I will send you a Newsepaper. Perhaps it does not answer Government
men to be concerned in Politicks.
Now I will say about your Friends. Your Mother and I, Bryan John
& Michael Judith Mary & Margret sends our fond love and Blessing to
you and Children may God Bless ye all. Also Richd McDonnell and Children
Mrs. Farrell and Child Mr. Thomas Kernan and Children, Partick
Christophr & Ann Gibney Uncle Michl. Farly and Children Mrs King,
Patrick Smith and Family. I am to tell you Cathorene [added: Catty] Smith
Paddys dauter gon to America, about one month agoe.
We had a special meeting of Clergy called or termd. Mishinnars, in
Carnaross Chapple. It lasted 3 weeks. The Mishoner ware six in Nomber.
The Clergy of the ajoining parrishes came to assist them I blieve 8 or 10
priest Hearing Confessions, together with his Grace the Bishop of Meath
all under his rool and Guidance and sat in the Confessinal Equal to anny
other Priest and said Mass every morning at 6 Oclock and then gave a
Sermon. There would be three Masses going on at wonce up to 12 Oclock
every day. The Chappie & Chappie Yard would be filld. every day and up
to nine OClock at night and would End with a Benediction.
I would wish you would write often to us. At the receipt of this write
to me. I may write again shortly to you. I now conclude by sending you
& your Children, our Blessing and may God Bless ye all.
Yours truly
Michl. Dunn
I send you an advance[?] inclosed.
Dear Christy it is a great Pleasure to us to hear from you but my
mother expects you will write more frequent. We had a great many changes
in Ireland since you left. I think my father forgot to let you Know that
Christy Gibney was married this time 2 month to a young Girle from the
County Cavan and got 150£ fortune.
All your old friends remembre you and very often enquire about you
and pray for your good look [luck] and often when speak of there past
day gon by with you the Say god be with old times [?].
You must have herd of Pat Briens death before this, that he was got
dead on a heap of Stones in Astral ia and Mrs Farrell had high mass for
the repose of his Soul in a few day after She getting word from his wife
and you must think we wer all rejoiced when he wrote home in about 1
month after Saying that he was doing well and not drinking, enquiring for
all old friends and sent for your adress. He said he will not die until he
will see you. Thomas Kiernan told me to remember him to you. I Conclud
now for this time wishing you every blessing to you and your family.
Michl. Dunn Junior