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Title: Dunne, Michael Jr to Dunne, Christopher, 1870
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDunne, Michael Jr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKells, Co. Meath, Ireland
DestinationBrisbane, Queensland, Ireland
RecipientDunne, Christopher
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count628
Genrenews, economy
Transcript[part of sheet torn off]
Norbinstown Augst 17th
My Dear Brother
I received your Kind letter on the 21st July last which gave us great
satesfaction to hear that you and your children are all well and that you find
your self so comfortably situated. I sent you some [blotted: ?papers
but you did not] mention that you got them. As regards my mother she is
quite well and in very good spirits. My Brothers & Sisters also My self is
in the enjoyment of good health and all friends you enquired for all unite
with me in sending you there kindest regards.
Sister mary wrote to you 2 months past and sent you some papers
with news . . . [parts of lines missing] very disturbed this year past. Old
Mr Radc[liffs] life was attempted at by two men from Kells Edward Geraty
the Swab Bucher and a boy named brady. The fired at him on his
way home from Kells and [?pas]sed the whole charge through his hat.
[? Brady] held his horse and Geraty fired [?when] fortunatly the horse
broke away. [?Gera]ty intended to mangle him . . . Knife according to
bradys . . . it was found with the . . . after Mr Radcliff... and there was
. . . call to Trim to try . . . Brady 10 years . . . During the . . . life . . . It
caused great excitement in the Country and the peopl all went to congratulate
him on his happy escape. Cleargy of all persewasions visited him.
This country is very much changed since you left. The seasons are
very much altered. We had no rain since last May that I might mention.
The green la[nd| is quite burened and the streams all went dry though the
crops looke very well. The harvest is all cut by this time and mens hire
here is greatly raised. The have 6 to 7 shillings a day in harvest in some
destricts where people are scarse. It is expected f[?or] to get very dear on
account of this war between the French, and Prussia. Flower rise 5£ per
ton in one day here and horses became very dear. I will send you some
Newspapers to [?let] you Know how the wars is g[?oing] on.
(d) All old people that you [k]new . . . at home are nearly all d[?ead and]
Buryed. Poor Michael. . . Saturday may the [?Lord have mercy] on his
soul. Sist[ter] . . . write to you in . . . deathe may the [?Lord have mercy on
his] Sowl.
Made no change in the family. We all live together and are very united
thanks be to god for his blessings to us. My mother sends her blesings to
you and your little children and requests of you to spare no trouble to
bring them up in the fear and love of god. John Smyth of Balreask Expects
to visit you in a short time. He was priested in all Hollows Collage [All
Hallows College] for America and he will visit Australia. You would wish
to get pat Brines adress. My mother would not wish that . . . [half-page
My Mother requests of you to write every 2 months even but a few
lines that she dose be very down-harted when she dose be a while from
hearing from you as it is one of the greatis means of chearing her to hear
from you. In my next letter I will send you a good deal more news and I will write to you soon again and let you Know all the occorances of of home. Good by until you hear from me again.
Michl. Dunne