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Title: McDonnell, Bridget to Dunne, Christopher, 1872
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderMcDonnell, Bridget
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationnun
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKells, Co. Meath, Ireland
DestinationBrisbane, Queensland, Ireland
RecipientDunne, Christopher
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count695
Transcript[postmarked Kells MR 6 72; Toowoomba MY 11 72]

Norbinstown March 6th 1872

My dear Uncle Christy

I am afraid you have quite dispaired of ever hearing from us again,
but to make up for past negligence I am determined to write you a long
and descriptive letter. My Grand Mother received your letter on New Years
morning & you may be Sure it was a Joyful gift. It was only a few moments
before Michael brought in the letter that She was Speaking about you &
wondering that you did not write. She was beginning to fear that you were
dead. So indeed your letter was a relief to her.
She would have answered it sooner only for my Aunt Margaret's Illness.
She had been Suffering from toothache for nearly a year & a half & it
broke out in a great lump on her cheek but it broke & Kept running for a
whole week. She was very weak & Sickly during the time but She is now almost
as well as ever & we hope has done with the tooth ache for life. She has
three fine children one boy & two girls. My Grand Mama too was delicate
during the winter but She is recruiting [?recuperating] fast with the fine
Spring weather. She is anxious to Know if you got an increase of Salary Since you first took the Situation. She was delighted to hear that you & your children were in good health & Spirits & Prays that God may Spare you So.
I will now tell you about the remainder of your relatives & friends.
Mr. Kiernan & his children are well & prosperous. Marianne is home from
School now a very fine girl. She is as tall as her Mama. I who am older
than her looks quite a fairy beside her. My Sister Jane is also Some of the
people with the good growth. She is much taller than me. Matt is very like
yourself a "darkie". I will not say any thing of the rest of the children for
I dare say you hardly remember them. Kate is the Same as ever only that
now she has Seven children & is as broad as She's long. Mrs. King too
who is living with us is as well as ever & as Jolly.
My Uncles are all together in Norbinstown Still, no Sign of any of
them marrying except my uncle John Who admits himself that he was
trying to coax a girl to run away with him a short time ago but failed.
There was a good many changes about here for the last year I mean in the
Shape of Marriages & deaths. Your old friend George Ryan was married
Some time ago to Miss Mulvany of Cortown. You will be sorry to hear that Mrs. Graham in Belfast died lately. Her father who is alive Still greived
greatly after her.
I was nearly finishing my letter without telling you that my Dada &
Mama are in the best of health thanks be to God & desire to convey their
best wishes for your welfare. The latter will write Soon & perhaps we will
Send a few carte de visites. I will now Conclude this letter by assuring you
of the Kind wishes & remembrance of all your friends. My Grand Mama
particularly requests that you will write often to her. She becomes very
lonly when She is a while without hearing from you. You need not wonder
at my Uncles not writing. They are a Set of lazy old bachelors & I wish
you would write & give them a good lecture. With Kind love & remembrance
to your children I remain your affectionate niece
Bridget Mc Donnell

P.S. Pers[?] Brady that is James Bradys youngest son got married to
his first cousin a Miss O Farrell from Melbourne with thirty Thousand
pounds fortune. They came over here last Summer & he is going over Some
of these days. You might Some time have an oppertunity of seeing him.
Yours B. McDonnell
Mr Christopher Dunne
H M. Gaol, Brisbane
[annotation: try Toowoomba]