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Title: Doorley, Mary Anne to Doorley, Maria, 1877
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDoorley, Mary Anne
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBolton, Lancashire, England
DestinationQueensland, Australia
RecipientDoorley, Maria
Recipient Genderfemale
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Word Count972
July 17th 1877
Dear Maria
I reseved youar Kind and welkem letter witch [gave] me great Pleser
to here that you and youar husband and sone are weell as this laves me in at Present thank god for it. Youer Sisters is all weell But verry Ansanse
[anxious] to go out there. For my Part there is nothing in the world give
me more Plesuare then to sea you and youar husband and all the rest of
my famly that is there.
Dear Maria teel me whie William dose not rite to me or dose he ever
come in youar site so as to tell him for to rite to his fond and loving
Mother. I thought a Bove the world he could not forget me like he has
Done. For youar sister Margr[et] she Brok her Promse wit me. The letter
Before youar last that She sent me a fue lines in She was to send me the
litness off [likeness of] all the childern and her self. But i am our of her site
she Wont think of me.
But if it is in the Poure of you and youar husband to Bring me and
Gate and Lilly the will [sjurprise you when you sea them what fine girls
the are. Bridget maried an Englishman. He has not lived wit her this three
yers nor she dos not no where he is. She lives [with] me and is verry good
to me. She is working in the Mill. Lilly works in the Mill to and Gate is
at severis [service] so it is not in Boure [power] of them to do anney more
for me then have done. But Everry thing here is so Bad that i Could [not]
tell you. Me and them has made up ouar mind to if you Can witout hurting
youar selfs. You must go to Margret and Willam And teell them that i am
only in hops of there granted to Me. Let them all But [put] there beds
togeder and do there duty to a mother A kind and once fond mother And
now only very weakley. But But I am Chering my self up Wit the hope of
seaing you yet Pleas god.
You no I am a [word lost] Old Women [?now]. Loock to my age
Maria. May every Blesening on you for youar goodness to me. All my worst
fears[?] I never thought once of my days. But I will lave it so dear Maria.
I could sit and rite a whole day and then not teell all. But now as i am on
the loock up of joining to live the remender of my days wit you and the
all my little famly for the are one less when weare yet togedder. May the
lord have mersey on him. You no i loved him in hart.
Youar sisters is allways talking about you. Wait till you sea them.
You will not Bee ashemd like youar sister margret was ashamed of me
riting her anney Porvety in my letter to her when the one letter after so
manney yers. Did she not no [know] Before tis that we were not [C]hiden
[chiding]. When i loock at my self Maria i wont say much untill we meat.
May it not Bee long untill tis when i hope to get to yous and live and die
happey when i have yous all togeder. So let us have anesuar [answer]
as soone as We will Be loocking out for it. Tell youar husband from me
that all is in my Poure is to Pray him. The child to me I think is like you
Dear Maria youar sisters is to send all there three lithness to you in
a month after this letter. It was imposable for them to send them in this
letter for the weder has not Been fit. Bridget sends her husbands litness
no [now] for it she has it taken a good while Before he went away. It is not
good one. He was a Brodesent [Protestant] But maried in the Cathichl
Churh [Catholic Church]. The have no Childer it Was a good job for her.
She is 4 yers maried and only lived with him 7 seven monts. Maria there
is a del of strangs things hapened since you left Ireland.
Now let me ask you for god seak [sake] to go to youar sister or send
her word to rite to me for i supose youar Broder has In uff to do to loock
to youar father. Let me no what he is dowing or dose he Ever Ever speak
of Coming to this Contary again. I often wonder whie he dose not rite to
me. Give my love to Maryanne donne [?Dunne] and family the fogot me
all togeder. I only wish the girls had there litness to you. But the wont
forget you have not fogot me nor them. Send me all Putlers [particulars]
about William and Margret. Go to her youar self tell her to rite.
I want [won't] now say anney more But Concled [conclude] with love
to you and Christfer and I supose Childern By this time. Write soone as
Posable. It is twelve months since i was in tullamore But the Prest sent the
letter all rite to me whitch severd [?saved] me. The girls is delited Expecting
yous to send for them. The are all Bigger then Margret But not as thantles
[thankless]. Maria dont neglect to rite to me not nowing wheder we would
Ever get to geder.
Nomore at Present from
youar fond Mother
Joinged in love By Bridget Gate Lilly to there Broder and sister Christfer
and Maria Dunne.
Marie sea Margret and Willam. Teell him as i tell you.
Direct as allays
to tullamoy