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Title: Devlin, Daniel to Hammond, Joseph, 1844
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDevlin, Daniel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationproletarian
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKillicomane, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
DestinationMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
RecipientHammond, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count914
Genrenews, economy
14th May 1844
Dear Son
We Seen the Contents of your letter dated the 8th Nov. 1843 and
likewise your answer to our last dated (the 4th Decimber 1841) and is
happy to hear that you and wife and family is in Good health. Your mother
and me Enjoy good Health at present thanks be to God for his unspeakable
mercies, and as for Maryann She is growing a tall young woman but appears
to be delicate. But Dr. Joseph in the foregoing lines it is with Heartfelt
Regret we have to announce to you the death of our beloved Daughter
your Sister Jane—when after a long Protracted illness at intervals Changed
this [m]ortal life, for an imortal, in Sure and certain hopes of a Blessed
Resurrection through our Lord Jesus Christ. Her Bodiley Sufferings Ceased
to exist on the 21st. November 1843—at 2 oclock in the morning after
being under bodyly Sufferings 3 weeks privious to her death, in a Decline.
She promised fair to be useful in her Generation. But the Lord gave and
the Lord hath taken away Blessed be the name of the Lord. Your Brother
John and Richard Thompson was verry attentive dureing her lasr illness.
So Dr Joseph we hope you will Excuse us not writing as we expected this
to take place.
Dr Joseph your mother is anxious that you would if God permit as
we expect you might by being Saveing together with that place you have
Bought to dispose of it that you and your little familey might Return onse
more to the land of yout nativity, which would be a Comfort to your
mother in her old days as She has few friends living which would be a
grear Consolation to her to have you and your Brother John with her at
her Decace.
The waving Buisness is doing well in this Country at present and
provisions on a reasonable Scale. William Murry has took to drapering
these last few years and is in a fair way of makeing a fortune, and we think
that Coloney will Be a poor place in the course of a few years by reason
of so much Emigration to it yearly, and but bad Encouragment when there
for the working Classes. And we further hope that what we have Said on
the Subject will make a deep Impression on Your mind to fulfill the same
if God permit.
Your Brother John Delivered the letter to your Father in laws family
and I was happy to hear that you and your little family was well and in
good Health, which leaves them all at present, and likewise. Edward Boyd
and wife and family is well and is happy to hear you are so likewise. The
have 3 Children and the Call the youngest Helenah. David and Hanny
Miller and family is well and desires to be remembered to you, but David
thinks it Strange that William never writes, and having the Same Opportunity as you have. Isaac Halls familey is all well and wishes to be
Remembered to you. There has been a great number of Deaths in our
neighbourhood this last two years 4 Children in our neighbourhood in the
Course of a few days—2. Children of Richard Welch and one of Joseph
Fowlers Hammilton By name and Welches oldest & youngest.
Joseph Fowlers Eldest Daughter is married to a Soldier names Charles
Wild and is in Expectation of Going on Station to N. S. Wales—the Regts
number is the 54th. Sarah Holmes that is Mary Greenaways Mother would
be Glad to hear from her and if you Can if posible hear anything about
Her Let us know in your next as She heard Some time ago of Some unfavourable
Account of her.
Dr Joseph Respecting what we have hinted at on the other side do
your Best Endavours to Return home, Before you have much of an increace
of fam[ily] as it would be more Difuccult than when your family is small.
Jas Miller left his place in Tyrone[?] and is gone with young John Overend
to America. Miller is well and has Sent for his wife and family and likewise
Young John Overend is well.
Dr [Jose]ph your Brother John Received your welcome Letter [?dated]
13th May and we are now writing in his absence. Concerning[?] him he
still lives at the Red Cow and is well and his wife and 3—Children. He
Calls the Youngest Mary Jane—and he Still Lives in hopes of Seeing you
once more in your native Land. Richard McNeill & family is all well and
John Stephensons. Let Helenah know that her Cousin ann Thompson is
Married to Thomas Gregson.
We must Entreat you Dr Joseph Before we Conclude, to be ever
mindfull of your Everlasting wellfare and in bringing your little family up
in the Nurture and admonition[?] of the Lord. We are intent that nothing
Shall prevent us of writing in future till Death or exille[?] in a Strange Land.
Dr Joseph when you receive this write immeediatly and let us know the
number of your family which you Ommitted in Your last. So wee Commit
the keeping of your Souls and Bodyes into the hands of a faithful Creator—
and remains your Loving Mother Brother and Sister and Stepfather till Death

Mary Develine
John and Mary ann Hammond
Danl Develine
To Joseph Hammond
Port Phillip
N. S. Wales