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Title: Devlin, Mary to Hammond, Joseph, 1852
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDevlin, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKillicomane, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
DestinationBelfast, Victoria, Australia
RecipientHammond, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count635
TranscriptCillicomain August Sth. 1852
Dear Joseph
I Received your Kind and Very welcom Letter of the 10th of March—
and was no little comforted thereby on the 31 of July 1852 and may tell
you that we wear as you wished all in good Helth. We wear all glad to
here that youar Family wear all in good helth and I may also Express my
gratitude to your Wife who Spake so very friendly to and ove[r] us all here.
Dear Joseph you inquire about your Brother Johns children if there
are anny of them alive to which I have to say there is none and as for
William Craig and wife they would not go a[t] all—for the have 3 children.
Edward Boyde and wife have 6 Daughters and are all will and Sends their
Kind love to you. There is some word from your Brother in law William
Thompson out of America. He has Sent for a young women of the name
of Russell.
Dear Brother I wish to Send my Kindes respects and warmest love to
your Misses and ame very glade of your wellfair—and My Husband Joinse
in the above Sentiments Expressed. We have as yet but one child which is
4 years old June last. We col hir Sophia and she sends hir love to Uncle
and Ant and all hir cousens.
Now Dear Joseph I May tell you something that perhaps your would
like to here. My Son in law William is a Very Kind Husband and also very
good to me, but as I am now comming down the hill of lif and I can make
little at winding of warp, I have bing thinking that perhaps you might think
of Sending me a Present as that is a Gold Contry, and in deed gold is very
hard to be got here. Joseph if you wear in circomstances Similar to mine I
Know what I would dow if I wear in yours.
Dear Joseph we would be very glade that you would send us an
account of your holding and how you and Family are employed or whether
you are holding the Farm that you did hold that you Spoke of in the Letter
previous to this.
Joyce Irwins Mother wishes you to let him Know that she is still alive
and enjoys but bad helth and lives with hir two daughters. Mrs. Harrison
was greatly rejoyced by hearing from hir Son in your letter & would be
glade that you woul[d] let him Know that his Father and Mother is Still
alive and would feel thankfull to you if you would take the trouble of
letting them Know some thing more about him in your next Letter. William
Magee formaly of Breagh is now in that contry and if you could find him
out or anny thing about him, and let us Know, we would be glade or army
other young Men from this contry we would also be glade for thir is grate
enquiring when the here of anny letter from that contry.
Dear Joseph there is one thing to Mention and that is the loss of our
Potatoe crop in Ireland. I blieve this is the 7th year that the have been
taking from us.
Isaac Hall & Family are all well and none of them are Maried yet.
John Walker the clerks Son is in Melborn and if you can make him off and
send us word we will be glad. Joseph I could say a great deal if I was with
you but I must conclude at present By Saying nomore at present but Remains
your Affectionate Mother Sister & Brother to death
Mary Devlin & Mary Ann &—Wm MCormick— To Mr Joseph Hammond

Belfast port fary
Pr. Ship