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Title: Boyd, Susanna to Hammond, Helenah, 1864
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderBoyd, Susanna
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBleary, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
DestinationBelfast, Victoria, Australia
RecipientHammond, Helenah
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count960
Genrecondolences, news
TranscriptSeptember 16 1864
My Dear Sister
I Send you These Lines In Answer To yours. I am Glad To Hear
From you to Know That you are yet Alive Though we All are Sory For
The Death of Joseph. Edward Feels Much For you on Account of the Loss
of Joseph But Let It Teach you and me that In the Midst of Life we are in
the Midst of Death. As for your Sircumstances Strive and be Content and
Cast your Care on the Lord And He will take Care of you And your Family.
As for my Husband and Myself our Health is Much Worse than it
used to be. But thanks to God for all his Mercies to us our Childern are
all well and able to work and Hard it is to make a living by weaving for
the webs is so long and wages little though wages is a little better these
last few Months than the have been for some years. Our oldest Daughter
Myann [Maryann] is Maried to William Coskin and has too [two] Children
a son and a daughter. The rest of our Children is all with us the are all
girls. The [?youngest] is near 6 years old she is Called Hannah. She is At
Bleary School and so is the next to [two] older Maria and Susanna and the
other 4 is waveng and Edward and myself attends them with the help of
Maria and Susanna when the come home from School.
Wee live in Bleary it is between Lurgan and the Brownmoss. We are
here since Last January. Wee Pay 1s 6d weeck for our House and the Children
still wave for Mr Henning of Waringstown since Before you Left
Home. Some of then weaves orangs[?] work 17100 60 yards long and 30
inches wide 59 Hanks wft [weft] wages 12s and Bordered weebs [?webs]
7 dozen Long 28 inchs Broad 16100 wages 9s. Now Dear Sister you can see
from this how we are Doing.
I will let you see the price of our food. Flour too [2]s per stone oat
meal 19d per stone india meal 15d per stone. Tea 3d per ounce suger 6d
per pound Butter 14d per pound Bacon irish 7d per pound america 6d.
Mrs Develin is well. She Sent for me when she Got your letter. She
was very sory and so was Mrs Mcormick and her Childern. The all felt
Much for you as Mrs Mcormick knows the want of a Husband herself for
William Mcormick is Dead 2 years. The all Live toghather in the old Place.
She has 3 Daughters the oldest is 16 years the youest is about 8 years old. She keeps a Grocer shop and Sends Reeds on hire. She Lives very Comfortable
and takes Good Care of her Mother. I stayed some time with them
the were very Glad to see me.
Aunt Betty is unable to Walk this 3 years from A Stroke. Cousin
Richard and the Rest of the family is well. He has 6 Cildren 4 Daughters
And 2 sons. Ann Greigston is dead Long time ago and Left 3 Children 2
sons and 1 Daughter. Uncle Richard Thompson and Aunts is still Alive in
the old place in Aughlee But is Getting old. I did not see them these many
years But I hear from them by Cousin Richard. I Entainded [intended] to
go down this Long time to see Mothers Grave But I Could not Get Away.
But If I am Spared a Little Longer I Will go with the Help of God And I
Will Bring A Leaf[?] of the Grave and Send It to you when I Write to you
I Mack free Dear Sister to Ask what place of [?worship] your Family
Attend as I never Could know Also how fare [far] you Live from it. 6 of
our Children Goes to the Church School on Sundays At 9 oclock. Schools
over At 11. 3 oldest, Ellon and Helena and Elizajane Stays for Church and
3 Comes Home.
Dear Sister I Have not Got A Letter This [blotted] years past. I Have
Heard in James Craigs Letter who was Married to Margret Stevenson. He
says the are All Well And All Married And Sister Bess Her Husband is dead
A year ore more. She has 3[?] Children.
Dear Sister I expect you Have Heard of the Death of Father Before
this. It is near 6 years Since He Died. Dear Sister you May thank God that
you are not in Ireland. You would Scarce Meet Any one you Would Know
so many dead And so many Gone to Queensland and New zeland and
Now Dear Mary Jane As you wish to know how Many Cousins you
have I will tell you. There are 8. There are Maryann But She is in her own
house she was [?here] to Day And is well. The next is Ellen And Helena
And Elizajane And Margret And Maria And Susanna And little Hannah.
The Are All Clean Healthy Thanks Be to God. They Are All glad To Hear
From you All.
Now Dear Sister That God May Bless you And your Family Is the
Sincere Prayer of your Affectionate Brother and Sister to Death Edward and
Susanna Boyd
Why do we mourn departing friends
Or shake at deaths alarms
Tis but the voice that Jesus sends
To call them to his arms
Why should we tremble Co convey
Their bodies to the tomb
There the dear flesh of Jesus lay
And left a sweet perfume.

When you write Direct to Edward Boyd Bleary Near Lurgan Irland.
Let me know the particulars of Josephs death. Please write adres[?] soon.