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Title: Brennan, Daniel to McKee, Mary, 1866
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderBrennan, Daniel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationweaver
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallynock, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
DestinationVictoria, Australia
RecipientMcKee, Mary
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count606
Genrenews, trade
TranscriptBallyknock October 28th. 1866
Dear Mary
Your letter of the 24th August came safe to hand, and we are all well
pleased to hear of you Joseph and the children being in good health but
we think that you and Joseph are living in a very awkward position. We
think it strange that he can not get work nearer home, as I may call it
home, where you are living rather than be obliged to travel 100 miles for
a job of work.
I rejoice to let you know that on the day I got your letter I got one
from Thomas. He is in good health and he informs me that he has had
letters from you frequently, though you say you have wrote often to him
and got no answer, therefore I do not know what to think, as him, and
you, contradict each other. (Direct to the care of Patrick Berry Goodna—
Brisbane for Thomas Brannen.)
I have to inform you that Thomas states in his letter that he sent me
a check to the amount of £12, but said check has not come to hand, neither
had I a letter from him since Jany. 1865 I have wrote to Thomas, and I
request you to write to him (as soon as you receive this, lest my letter
should be mislaid), that I have not got his letter or check of that date. I
have wrote to the Postmaster General concerning the same, but I have not
got an answer as yet, and I have not time to wait for it as I would be too
late for the Mail. It is a new line that sails out on the second of each month,
and the Mail will reach its place of destination two weeks sooner than by
the old rout.
As you wish to know what Sarah Ann is like I can inform you that
she is the tallest of the family at the present time and has evry appearance
of growing on. The first opportunity I get I will send you her Likeness.
I am happy to let you know that we are all well thanks be to God
for such an inestimable a blessing. Your friends John and Patrick Brannen
are well and Bernard and family are well also. Isaac Herron and family are
well. We had a letter a few weeks ago from Josephs Aunt who lives near
Kingstown U. Canada. It was directed for Joseph McKee, and as he was
living in Newtonards we released it and send it to him. They are in a
prosperous way in America.
We have had a very unfavourable season through the harvest, it was
with great dificulty that grain was got saved. There is a great failure in the
Potatoe crop this season. Weaving trade continues to do well. There is a
sudden rise on flour and a fall on Pork.
Let us know if you got newspapers that I sent you, please send me
one. When you write to Tom request him to direct his letter to the care of
Mr. Murphy Moira otherwise to Mr. Starritt St. Johns Via Hillsborough.
Please write soon as we are all pleased to to hear from you, and let us
know what success Joseph had in his last undertaking.
Having nothing more to mention I will conclude. Your Mother and
sisters join me in sending you Joseph and children their kind love and
hoping to hear from you soon. I remain your affectionate father
Daniel Brennan
P.S. Kitty sends the enclosed Knot to her nephew William.
Eliza Jane will send you letter shortly.