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Title: Brennan, Catherine to McKee, Joseph and Mary, 1869
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderBrennan, Catherine
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Down, Northern Ireland
DestinationVictoria, Australia
RecipientMcKee, Joseph and Mary
Recipient Gendermale-female
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Doc. Type
Word Count595
Genrenews, trade
TranscriptBallyknock November 19th. 1869
Dear Joseph and Mary
I take up ray old quill once more to reply to your welcome letter of
the 11th. September and to congrulate you on your instalation in your new
habitation. We are all happy to hear of you all being well and in good
health but we have got no word from Thomas yet. If you get any word
from Thomas write soon and let us know.
I think by every thing you have stated that you are in prosperous
condition a great deal better than many here. The produce of land here this
season is light and prices low and for Flax too many in this country indulged
themselves too deep for the purpose of rasing large sums by it but
the are all mistaken for it has turned out to be a complete failure from two
till three stones to the bushl average price 5s/ per stone and some of it so bad in quality will only draw 2s/ per stone.
We return sincere thanks for proposing to pay a passage for Eliza
Jane. She is willing to accept of it but not at this time. Her Mother and I
are satisfied that she should go and Sarah Ann is willing to go also but we
would want them to wait another year or Eighteen months on account of
Sarah Ann being too young to face the strangers. At the end of that time
she have agreed to go. Edward Kelly has wrote to Williams John to send
him a passage ticket to go to Australia but has not got an answer yet
though there is time for it to be here.
Isaac Herron and Rebuca and children are well. They have four children
Eliza Jane Thomas Margret and Joseph. Eliza Jane is weaving. Mrs.
Hynds spent two weeks in the summer time with her sister in Moira. She
said her husband earned 30s/ per week. She had plenty of money with her
but she did not spend much of it.
In your next let me know how far you are from Rochester and also
the distance you are from Melburn and if you be near a railway station.
Give me a description of your new country and the Population of Rochester
and the number of the houses of worship. Eliza jane Millar state in a letter that they have got ten acres of land and is liking the country well.
Dear Joseph there was in august the year 67 three large books called
the dover castle news which contained a voyage from austrila to england
and wee never new how it came that they came to us accept that torn had
told somebody to post them for us. They contained all births and deaths
and all that hapened from the first day on board. The were posted in Liverpool for my father. Please let us know in they next letter if there was any
of they sort published when you were on board. There was a woman had
a birth after a day or too from land she belonging to briskbane.
I think we have started plenty of questions in this letter but you never was bad at ancerwing and I doent thinc[?] you will be any worse than ever.
Give my kind love too Mary and all my little trends and i hope the family
likeness will not be long to it comes. My mother says She would like too
see it. No more at present but remains yours truly to death
Catherine Brennan