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Title: Brennan, Daniel to McKee, Joseph and Mary, 1875
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderBrennan, Daniel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationweaver
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallynock, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
DestinationVictoria, Australia
RecipientMcKee, Joseph and Mary
Recipient Gendermale-female
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Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count425
Febuary 1st. [1875]
Dear Joseph and Mary and Mary Sarah
In reply to your letter which we received in due time we are all very
glad to hear of you doing so well. By the account which Sarah gives us we
dont think any person could done better than you have. I hope this will
find you all in the enjoyment of good health as this leaves us all at present.
I have been ill last winter a good while and your Mother is greatly Failed
these last few years. We are just living much as usal the way we were when
you left us.
I am very [?sorry] to inform you that Isaac Herron has had a great
dale of trouble. We told of Eliza Janes death in our last letter and we may
tell you now of Maggies death his Second little girl. She was ill for nearly two years and your Father is still alive. He has got very Frail and I believe Margaret Jane is very good to him. Your aunt Agness McKeer is undying.
We dont expect she will live long. Eliza Jane is up with her these last two
days and nights. Patrick Brennan is well and he looks well. Widdow Brennan
of dromore is well. Anna Catherine got married about two years ago
and is living now in Scotland. Her husbands name is Guinnie of dromore.
You want to Know about William John Kelly. There is a letter from
his Son on Wedensday last and his Father is dead. That was the first news
they got for 6 years about him nor they new he was married. He died on
the 4 of October and left 6 Children the oldest 13 years and the yongest
14 months. His widdows address is Mrs. W. John Kelly Bright Ovens Victoria
All the rest of the Family is well and doing well. Sally is well and has 3 fine Children and has had them at School Since ever the were able and
will Soon be able to go to Sitoations. Eliza Jane is living next door to Mrs Murry. She has a cow and two little boys Edward and William John. Isaac
Herron got 2 letters from his Sister Alace latly. The have very little help
now but themselves and has 3 children yet Thomas, Joseph and Alace. The
Grahames Adress is Mr John Graham Champaign City Illinoise United
States America. I have no more to say at present but remains yours truly
to death
Daniel Brennan
Please write soon.