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Title: Fife, John and William to Fife, Fathy, 1860
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderFife, John and William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationsmall farmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDrumcullion, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
DestinationSydney, Australia
RecipientFife, Fathy
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count1152
Genrefarming, economy
TranscriptDrumcullion November n 11th. 1860
My Dear Sister
I received your welcome Letter also your Kind present the 25th of
October which gave me to [k]now that you were well as this leaves me at
present thank the Lord for his mercies. My Father nor I have been at Bundoran
since you left home [for] the want of time and the severity of the Summers.
My leg Does not trouble me more than ever. I have not Been one
hour Sick since I saw you. I have Mowed the rye and most of the corn this
year. Most of the people are doing it for wa[nt] of help. I throw it in the face of the standing corn which is the Best Method. It took Father and Mother and
George very Busy to put it in the Strap without tying it to let
me at the Next Sweath [swath]. This has Been the leatest harvest Since the
year you were Born at the Tocher Gate. I suppos you remember to hear
Father often talking of it.
This is old Halloweve Night that I write this to you, and there is
Wheat and Corn yet in the Stook. Let me Know if Halloweve is Kept there
as it is here or if you can say as the Boy said when he went to America in
writing to his Mother he says Mother this is a fine Country and it is Halloweve
here every Day, if it is Halloweve in Golburne with you. Let me
now when you or Nixon writes.
My Father is thankfull that yous have Got to that Country When
yous Did. The prospect of living in Ireland at the present is very Dark.
There is many in this Country and there is But one Step Between them and
Beggary. Our Loan Funds or Loan Banks with the unfavourableness of the
Seasons has Destroyed our Country. There was Eight hundred and twenty
Decrees taken out at last Sessions such is the state of our County. James
Clark of Moneykee has Been Auctioned Different times he is not worth one Shilling. James Spratt of Sydare is not worth Sixpence Auctioned out
and many others. The potatoes was not so scarce Since the year of the
Failure as this year. The Turnips is high at present as the year [o]f the
publick works when Father sold them out of the under room at 3d per
Stone. There is many in Ireland will be Glad of potatoes without milk
before the New ones comes.
Hugh Keenan and Susan are well as usual. I left there turf at home.
I hear no word of Leticia Fife Going to that Country. John Robert and
Joh[n]ston Graham of Knockmanowl is going to that country in a few
Days. The will write to Nixon when the reach their uncle Mr Graham and
Family of Lettermony and many others is going.
Your Friends are all well as when you left them. Only Aunt Nixon
of the Forth hill she is no more. Robert Campbell is well recovered Beyond
all expectation.
Mother will send the Children to Shool immediately. John Williams
has had no School, this Eight months for want of health. A few Days and
he will be no more. Mrs. Fitchpatrick Does not allow you to do as Mary
Keenan is doing, But to put Soot upon your own Crook.
Robin Kidneys Son Henry is in the Horse police In Australia. Tom
Kidney has left Wexford and is gone to Australia to him. John McCuskers
Daughter Mary is Dead in the Decline. She Died in School house, Brown
Now, Where John and Nancy is now Liveng. Anne Richardson that lived
with Mr Sandy Mclelland is Dead also of Spotted Fever.
Tell Nixon to Send me all the Knowledge he has learned of the wa[y]s
of Working in that Country and what his General Work is. Margaret Johston
of Moneykee wants your Advice About Sending her Daughter Fanny
to that Country. Theres no account from Mr John Ball only what Father
mentioned in his letter to Nixon. He posted his Letter to Nixon Four Days
before you posted yours to me so that Nixon had Fathers about the Same
time that I received yours. Eliza Bearys Comerade Boy that went to Australia
out of Moneykee if you remember when the went he is home for
want of health. He Brought many things to Elizas Mother and Some
money. Eliza Sent Dresses to Mary Johston Monykee. It was to McGregor
to Melbourne the Went. There is no Word of Robin Kiney being Sent for
to that Country yet By his Children. Bessy had a Bonnet Bought to go and
many other things and She would not let Robin Cut the turf Summer last
was a year least the would not Stay to Burn them and the are here yet and
will be so a longer Day. I think if ever arty people was Australia mad the
were it, Bessy and the Girls in particular.
Miss Irwin Beaty post office Ballinamall[ar]d is marrid to Irwin
Johston Methodist preacher. Her Cousin Miss Burk is soon to be married
to her Cousin Mr Burk Gal way. You requested a long Letter. I think I have Done so. Father wants a line or two to you. I must leave him space.
I say no more at present. My Dear Sister I remain your Affectionate Brother
John Fife

My Dear Fathy I am Glad to hear that you are Comfortable and well
Content in that Country Far from home. I Know you have not Forgot home
yet. My Dear Child it is hard hard Work to Forget. I feel it So, the Native
Soil how strangely sweet where first we Breathed who can Forget with
Flowing eyes, yet with a thankful heart that you have Escaped as a Bird
from the snare of the Fowler.
Times is much altered in this Country. We are Doing the Best we can
and it takes us to Do so. Sarah Logan of the Hight wishes to Know From
you if her passage could be paid there by you. Of course she would send
you the Cheque. It was, Mr Francis spoke to me About it, For Sarah. He
allowed me to let no person here [6]now any thing about it. Neither have
I. John nor Mother nows any thing of it nor any one But you. You may
Consult with Nixon and Mary Keenan about it. I dont Bid you do it. I
leave it your selves. Yous are the Best Judges. It is a serious thing to encourage
anyone to go there. Miles Masterson Mossfield wanted Susan to
Send his Sons passage to Mary to pay it for him and Susan would not do
it. As For Fanny Johston it is a serious thing to advise anyone to go there.
I rema[i]n your Affectionate Father
Wm Fife