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Title: John Caldwell Jr. to Samuel Brown, Belfast
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCaldwell, John Sr/25
SenderCaldwell, John Sr.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlinen merchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientBrown, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3541/4/1: Presented by R.V.T. Edie
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9309144
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptFrom John Caldwell, SR. [Senior?] at Harmony Hill
Copy to Samuel Brown
August 1798

My dear Sir

I wrote you by my son Andy on Sunday which I hope you received that
night....... I have since a letter from Wm. [William?] Hurdman saying
that Genr. [General?] Nugent had mentioned to you that I had left Belfast
without fulfilling some obligations I was to come under.... You and Mr.
Ewing will recollect that it had been mentioned I should give security
there .. but on reviewing the Packet for Lord Henry Murray that Mr. Parks
conveyed you will also recollect that we were told the whole business of
taking the Securities was referred to Lord H. [Henry?] Murray [--?] upon
which we concluded that the Idea of taking any in Belfast was entirely given
up-- which you may remember I regretted, for I expressed my wish to you both
that the whole matter of Security should be Executed with the Good and Humane
Genl. [General?] Nugent - The next day I shewed [showed?] you a letter that
I intended to present to the General grounded upon the assurance that every
thing relative to to security lay then with Lord H. [Henry?] Murray stating
my fears that perhaps more extensive security might be demanded than I would
be able to procure -- and praying the General would be pleased to interpose
with his Lordship to accept such as to the utmost extent of my forlorn
situation I should be able to produce------This letter I had delivered to the
General and with his Usual goodness he sent me a letter for Lord H. [Henry?]
Murray -- unsealed, I presume that I might read its contents, recommending
to his lordship to accept of such security as I could be able to procure
consistent with their duty--- in this letter of the Generals [sic], the one I
addressed to him was enclosed, and with it as I hurried to Colerain
[Coleraine?] as fast as the infirmity of my body would permit --- arrived
there on Friday evening, but found his Lordship had gone to Sea Port -- Next
day (Saturday) the letter was delivered to him by Capt. [Captain?] Stewart of
the Security I had to propose-----viz [namely?] my brother in law Mr. John
Calderwood, and Mr. Jas. [James?] Henery, he thought them sufficient, but I
have since been told that perhaps a third would be required (beside my self)
in addition to the other two and my uncle Ball a Man 80 years of age who
lives in at the distance of 40 miles, in the County of Donegal was mentioned
by Capt. [Captain?] Stewart as a third person. Mr. Hutchinson also said (upon
my expressing a hope that my deluded Richared [sic] would be permitted to go
immediately to America) that he would most likely be kept here as a Hostage
for me and my family's removal----- Lord Henry was to return to Colerain
[Coleraine?] this day and I intend going there with the two securities
mentioned above --- Your friend Mr. Stewart seems to befriend me but with all
I am terribly alarmed, that this business will be procrastinated for what
purpose God only knows, but it gives me and my family extreme uneasiness and
prevents my doing anything so absolutely necessary for my removal to
America---- If it be necessary I should go to Belfast to clear up what the
General said to you, the moment I receive your answer to this I will
(infirmed as I am) do it. --The names of my family I either give to the
Gentleman who attended the General of left upon the table in the Chamber
into which we were introduced, but I rather think I gave it to that
I now send a duplicate-----you will have the goodness to advise me what I
should do---
and believe me ever
Dr [Dear?] Sir
Your Faithful & [and?] ever
obliged serv't [servant?]
John Caldwell
I trust my dear John is
by this time liberated
I would need his assistance
here very much to arrange
for my removal, much
have I to do and God help me
no one to advise with ----"

On the outside of the folded letter:
H. [Harmony?] Hill Augst. [August?]
copy to Saml. [Samuel?] Brown"

Also "12th Augst [August?] up'd Rich'd [Richard?] so much bul (sic)
gave Andy to pay for Linen 5..13..9
gave Rich'd [Richard?] to make him
up 36 Gs [Guineas?] ...... 2..16.10 "