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Title: Fife, William to Fife, Fathy, 1864
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderFife, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationsmall farmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDrumcullion, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
DestinationSydney, Australia
RecipientFife, Fathy
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count970
Genrenews, emigration, farming
TranscriptDrumcullion May 12th 1864
My Dear Fathy
I received your Letter April 20th. We coud not be in time for the
April packet. I am Grateful that yous are all well. We are in Good health thank God at present, my own health is as Good as usual. I am a little
afflicted with pains in my arms and Shoulders at certain times, I am a little
Lame als[o] I can not expect to become young again. The Infirmities
of Age must be Borne with. Tell John I am able to handle the Sythe yet
and Set a Good Days Setting of potatoes But a Good Deal Fataiged after
it. I have every thing as neat about the place as ever. John helped me to
do many things that I will never have to Do again. I must be at the
Weighty End of every Job as my help is very weak. I have a little Boy
this term Felix Cassidy From About thirteen years of age. With his help
I have Got in the Crop in Good time. Mr Ball Brought his own horses
and ploughd the Ground for me. He is the old sort still. Henry Ball never
sent a letter only one Since he landed. Thomas Campbell wrote to his
Mother he says that he has Seen Mr Henry [Ball] Different times about
John wishes to Know if Robert is any Better of the Dullness of hearing.
Sometimes he is and at other times he is not. He is Growing very Tall
and very able every Way. William is a fine little Fellow. He has the Best
Memory and the Best understanding ever I Knew a Child of his age to
have. He remembers John and George perfectly well. He has a very white
head with Large Blue eyes like George.
We have a fine season in this Country up to the present. There has
not Been as much Flax sowed in Ireland for the last twenty years and put
it all together as there is this year. It will do a Great Deal of Good or a
deal of harm. The Emigration to America is Beyon Description. There cannot
Be Ships Got to take them, three thousand has left Dery this spring.
The war is still Going on in it. Billy Keerr of Ballina[ma]llard was Killed
in the war. You may tell John.
Fathy you will ask Nixon if he does remember of seeing a Jane Bogan.
She is a Cousin of Mary Augs [?Òg: young] of the Brown Now. She wrote
to Mary from Gundaguia [Gundagai]. She mentioned in her letter to Mary
Aug that a young Man of the Name of Fife told her that her Cousin was
still alive. We were thinking it was Nixon had seen her upon his travels. If
ever he sees her again tell her that her Cousin is still alive and Stands in
need of her Friendship.
I received the two papers you sent me. I was Glad to see your Name
in them. I was thinking that it was your hand write. I am thankful! that
you are able to read my letter when it Goes to you. You will have Difficulty
to read this. I think I am Failing at the Writing. I [k]now my sight is a
Good Deal worse at any rate. I sent you a paper about two months ago
and I will send you another.
Mrs Newmans health is Failing. She talks of Coming to Ireland if the
Docteors recommends it. Hugh and Susan is well as usual.
You will Be Glad to Know that I have Got the second Cow again. Cattle never was such a price as at the present. It is a very small Cow you will Get for ten Guineas.
I want Nixon to Sit Down some wet Day when he will have time
and Send me a long Letter about that Country. I want to Know when he
goes up the Bush and Down the Bush with the Bullocks and the Waggon
is it a road made with stones or is it the Lee Sod. Is your Waggon much
Larger than the ones we had at the railway. Do you walk By the side of
the Bulloks or Sit on the waggon. How many Miles a Day can you travel
with your Load. I want to Know is it by the acre you have your land and
what it cost you by the year. My Dear Nixon I hope you will Forgive these
Fathy tells that George is getting a fine Boy. I am glad to hear it. I
hope he will be wise and take your Advice and Johns and Fathys. I can
only pray For yous [k]now that I never have Neglected to do Since I bid
yous all farewell. I hope I shall meet yous all Where the Great deep shall
no more seperates us.
Mr Nicolas [Archdale] has Bought John Parkers Andy Crawfords
Andy McCuskers and Henry Kidneys places. He will turn them all out by
and by. He wanted to By mine also. The Cumissioners[?] people would not
sell to him so I remain as usual.
I have sent you a Cheuque For Five pounds for James Cosgrove that
is the Way he spells his name. He is twenty Four years of age and Eliza is
Seventeen past. She will be Eighteen the 10th of September she was born
in 1846 so you cant go astray.
My Dear Fathy I can not Close this Letter until! I recommend you to
God and to the word of his grace[?]. Seek a prepertion [?preparation] to
meet Death for it is obtainable. May the Lord Bless you all my dear children
this is the prayer of your Affectionate Father
Wm Fife unto Death