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Title: Fife, William to Fife, Nixon, 1872
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderFife, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationsmall farmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDrumcullion, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
RecipientFife, Nixon
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count502
Genrenews, advice
TranscriptDrumcullion May 8th 1872
My Dear Nixon,
I am Still alive and Enjoying Good health thank God But my strenth
is Failing fast yet I am grateful that I am as well as I am. In the Winter I was poorly From a weakness I took in my Knees attended with a severe pane.
I think it came from Cold. It was a severe Winter here. As I Keep no
horse I Dug all the Ground I sowed in corn my self Robert Being at School.
I think it was the Cold that Settled in my Knees. If you had seen me going
out in the morning with a Stick in my hand Bent to the Ground I might
say attend with Great lameness you would not think I would Do much,
yet when I warmed to work I Done wonderfully. But I am Greatly recovered
from the Weakness in my Knees thank God.
And Now Nixon my Dear Boy take a Fathers advice. Dont over rate
your self as I have done with Work if you have a way to Keep you from
it for it will come again [to] you if you live to my time of life. I would
never work a hard Day now If I could help it. I can Set as many of the
potatoes as Robert yet I have Got many warnings to prepare for my latter
My hearing is Become very Bad and also my memory. I thought I
had wrote to John untill I received a letter two Days ago when he Complained
I had not Answered his letter of August last. I had to write to Mary
of Elizabeth port New Jersey and forgot him, I also wrote to Fathy to
Sydney and Neglected writing to you. I find if I dont write immedeatily
after I Get a letter that I neglect it altogether. I Got Fathys letter the Second Day of Chrismas last and I wrote the Same Day.
There has Been a great Deal of Deaths in this place this winter Especially those that is advanced In life. James Fifes Mother is Still alive she is the oldest in this place. Your cousin Bob Fife of Currin is married to Dick Bells Daughter of Gorteloughan. She has her Fathers place 12 Acres of Gorteloughan For one penny in the year if required and it is Tythe free Beside. She has it whil[e] see [she] lives. He is as well as he can wish to be.
Your uncle James is still alive But very much Failed.
I hope Eliza is well and little Mary, I send them my Blessing. I hope
to meet you and them in Heaven where we will not have to write to one
another nor no Anxious thoughts. Mr Ball and Family is well. My Dear
Nixon you will Forgive my forgetfulness. I am not what I once was once
a man and almost twice a Child. No more from your affectionate Father
to Death
William Fiffe