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Title: Fife, William to Fife, Fathy, 1873
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderFife, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationsmall farmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDrumcullion, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
DestinationSydney, Australia
RecipientFife, Fathy
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count591
Genrenews, farming
TranscriptDrumcullion March 6 [?1873]
My Dear Fathy
Once [?more I write] to let you Know that I [am well] and enjoys
Good health thank [?God. We are] all well. My heath is as good as [?it
was] Fifty years ago, But I am Becomeing Feebler every year. I look Better
than you would Expect. I am Becomeing more Stooped than I was. Thes once active limbs the almost refuse to Carry me Sometimes. I am [alwa]ys
worst at the approach of r[?ain] yet I am Still able to help Robert [to se]t
the potatoes and Do every Work [?only thr]ash the Corn and Churn. I
shove [?sheaved]ast harves[t] every Day as well [as] I Did Forty years ago.
[?Robert tak]es the heavy end of every [?job from] me, he is both
Able and [?strong and] very Big of his age. He is [?sixteen] years of age and
he is a [?good deal] Bigger than ever I was [?but now grow]ing less He
has a Brown Curled head like his uncle tommy Crowe. He is quiet and
easy in his manner and minds nothing But his Work. He neither smoke nor
is a Whiskey Drinker. If he live he will be a very able man. He will be able
to Cut the hay this year. I cut it every year Since John went away to last
year and I had to Give it up. For the most part I have to Carry a little
Stick even Going out to my work and Comeing in on account of the weakness
of of my Knees.
I have had a letter from Nixon a month ago. He said you were well
Got the News papers you sent me a few Days ago. I had a letter from
John not long since. He is well. He is with the Chreghtons still on. His
letters is as short as ever the were. He says little of the Country. He writes
to Mary to Elizabeth port New Jersey and she to him. Robert Cowan and
Mary is Doing well I get letters, Constantly. I suppose you remember James
Clark that was married to Eliza Crowe. He is Dead he Died in ten Minutes
Sickness it was Disease of the heart. It is part of his house Robert Cowan
and Mary lives in. He left Five Children.
In your fast letter you wished to Know Did Robert Kidney or Famly
ever Get out to Adaliead [Adelaide]. He never Did. He is in Glascow in
Scotland. As for Aunt Ellen Campbell she Dead years ago. I think she Died
about the time you came Down to Sydney. I wrote to John or Nixon I cant
say which about her I wonder the never told you of it and uncle William
is living with Richard. He has Henrys land and all Williams Besides his own.
There never was such a season in Ireland as last Summer and harvest
for Cold and rain and the past Winter the thorn Hedges and wet turf was the peoples Fire. You would pay Thirteen pence for an Asse load of turf in Enniskillen.
My Dear Fathy you will Excuse this Scribble. I am not Fit to write a
letter now. My hand is Got stiff and I forget words. I have put them above
the line. You will see by my handwrite that I am wearing Down. I hope
you have not Forgot the last words I ever spoke to you to meet me in
heaven. I remain your affectonate Father to Death
Wm Fife