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Title: Fife, William to Fife, Eliza, 1878
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderFife, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationsmall farmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDrumcullion, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
RecipientFife, Eliza
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
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Word Count566
Genrenews, farming
TranscriptDrumcullion April 13th 1878
My Dear Eliza
I received your unexpected Letter. It was the greater joy of that it
came in Fifty days to me. We are all in Good health thank God. I have as
Good heal[t]h as I had Fifty years ago But I am weak as a [C]hild. I am
not able to work any now I have sowed the corn and I cut the potatoes
and that is all I may say I am able to Do. My Eyesight is greatly gone it is
with Difficulty I can write this Letter. I Know you will make allowance for
this scribble. My hand is Become Stiff and unsteady.
I have had letters From Nixon Since He went to Milendale I am Glad
he is so Comfortable and From Fathy and George. I had two letters from
James McCusker. He told me you were in his place and that you were well.
I Got the first paper you sent me. I was Glad to see your Name in it even
in paper. I have not Got the one you sent in this letter.
Marget is Gratefull to you for the Tye you sent to her it came safe.
The Children all rememers you only Francis and Jane Anne. Robert is 21
years of age he is very stout able young man sober and well conducted.
William is 18 years with very fair hear [hair] he is very tall and Francis 13 years old. Jane Anne is 5 years old and Marget is 19. I never seen a pipe in one of the Boys mouth or in their pocket or one of them Drunk. Little James Died in the Hooping cough I suppose you remember him.
There is a great change in Drumcullion since you left it. Henry Campbell of the Forth Hill is Dead John Whittaker Nicolas Archd[a]le Frank
Murray and Mary Aug at the Scool house. Mrs Fitchpatrick is Still alive.
Tommy Crowe of Moneykee and young Gerard Johnston and Mary Johnston
is Dead. Fanny Johnston is in America with her Aunt Eliza Clark.
Your Sister Mary lived in part of her Aunt's Clark's house in america. She
is maned to a son of Adam Cowan of Sydare. The have a place from Mr Ball
and is very well off. She has Four Children. Mary is home out of
America about four [year]s ago. America is much changed for the worse.
Potatoes is from 8d to 14d per Stone in Enniskillen at present. The
were very Bad last year in this Country. Other markets are reasonable. You
would pay From 15 to £20-0s-0d Sterling for a Good young Cow in this
Country and from 25 to £30-0s-0d for a working horse for the plough or
the Cart.
There was three men Shot Dead on the 2nd Day of this Month in the
Co. of Donegal in Day light Lord Letrim and his Clerk and the Man Driving
the car and the Horse also. Lord Letrim had Ninety thousand Acres of
land. He was what we call a Bad land Lord. The men that done it had a
boat waiting and Crosed Mulroy Bay to the other shore. It is a common
thing shooting Land Lords in this Country for putting Tenants of their
When you write put Drumcullion on the Envelope. I remain your
Affectionate Father to Death
William Fife, Drumcullion