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Title: McMahon Glynn, Patrick to Glynn, James P., 1890
CollectionPatrick McMahon Glynn: Letters to his family (1874-1927) [Gerald Glynn O'Collins]
SenderMcMahon Glynn, Patrick
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlawyer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKapunda, South Australia, Australia
DestinationGort, Co. Galway, Ireland
RecipientGlynn, James P.
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count373
Genrework, family, politics
TranscriptMain Street, Kapunda,
March 3rd 1890

My dear James
I can only today write you a few hurried lines, as it is 9 a.m. and
the post closes at 9.15. It is but seldom—once a month or so—I am
here now, as the profits are little [worth] the running about—
troublesome, and the head office is in Adelaide. Twice since Xmas I have been to Melbourne & Sydney, last week to lecture in Sydney for
the Sisters of St. Joseph, in Melbourne for the Ladies St. V[incent] de
Paul Society. While in Sydney, I got called to the bar there, to enable
me to take any business that turns up at Broken Hill, the N.S.W.
mining district 300 odd miles from here, and go at any time to
Sydney. If it was not for politics, I would, though regarded with
promise here, leave at once. The fact is the law business here is poor
—the solicitors' work is petty and done by old offices and the
counsels' [work] small.
Aunt Lizzy & her family are in Melbourne pulling along under
difficulties. The girls do needle work, but the boys are all at present
out of employment I help them as far as recent bad luck, and
innumerable other demands, will allow me. The husbands of our
Australian relations were or are all a consummate lot of blackguards
—the women must have had the giddiest of butterfly heads in their
antenuptial days.
What is Eugene going to do? He had better try his fortune here.
I don't know whether I sent Newspapers containing interviews with
me in Sydney on political Matters. The other colonies know me
fairly welt now. The general elections come on here in about a
month. Tonight my colleague and self are to be banqueted here. I
will probably be returned again—fear of a land tax and a capitation
grant to private schools being the only opposing forces. Numerous
candidates are in the field, owing to payment of Members—but the
profit is nil if the Member is liberal. Remember me and give my love
to all at home & tell them I got all photos. In haste
Your affectionate brother
P. McM. Glynn
J. P. Glynn Esq.