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Title: McMahon Glynn, Patrick to Glynn, Ellen, 1899
CollectionPatrick McMahon Glynn: Letters to his family (1874-1927) [Gerald Glynn O'Collins]
SenderMcMahon Glynn, Patrick
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpolitician
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAdelaide, South Australia, Australia
DestinationGort, Co. Galway, Ireland
RecipientGlynn, Ellen
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count302
Genremoney, family life, work
TranscriptInsurance Chambers,
96 King William Street,
17 January 1899

My dear Mother
I was sorry to see by your letter to Eugene that the O'Donnells were so pressed. By this, or next mail, Eugene will lend some money,
as he wrote to me today and I sent him £20 towards a probable
remittance of £50. I am owed money by men who can, but will not,
pay, and if I only got one loan of £100 repaid, would gladly have
lent the lot. I refer to loans by me without security or interest, to pull
men out of fixes. However, I can afford what I send, and if dangerous
pressure does arise, I will, on hearing from you, send, or join in
lending, whatever is required to clear the O'Donnells' debts. You
can, therefore, if necessary tell that to the Bank and make your and
their minds easy.
My huge family is at present in Melbourne. I took them over in
November, but through a letter having arrived late they returned.
However, I took them again at Christmas, and they will use the full
Return time—3 months—for the tickets. The enclosed letter will
show you how they are.
It is a life of troubles. I have got two inf—l goats, which have
eaten everything in the Back garden. They are now proceeding to
Ring-back [sic] a fig tree. The Kid has returned to Nearie's food, so
I think I will send the goats off.
In a month or so I will again be in the thick of a general
Election. Candidates for the district are usually thick as autumnal
leaves. I generally get defeated at the general, and beat all comers 2
to 1 at the next bye-elections. Hoping all are well

Your affectionate son
P. McM. Glynn