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Title: John Campbell White, Baltimore to Robert Simms, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCampbell White, John/21
SenderCampbell White, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBaltimore, Maryland, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientSimms, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1815/3: Copied by Permission of The Presbyterian Historical Society, Church House, Fisherwick Place, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9403059
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TranscriptMy Dear Sir Baltimore 16th November 1804

I had the pleasure of yours of the 23rd Augt in the [latter?]
end of [?]. I am very sorry to find that you have not been able to
dispose of your property, & that you still remain in Ireland because
I think you will finally determine upon emigration & therefore the
sooner it is executed the better, you must know that a settlement
in a new country is attended with many inconveniences, & that a
considerable time must elapse before a new settler will find himself
at his ease. He must serve a kind of noviciate or apprenticeship
in acquiring the knowlege [knowledge?] of the trade of this country, of its
inhabitants & more particulary such part of them, as he [does?] any business
with A little time should in the first instance be spent in looking out
for the most agreeable & most advantageous settlement. And above
all other considerations he should be anxious for the proper introduction
of his children into the world, before he himself should be
removed from the stage of life. or at least of such part of them [of him?] [?]
capable, and on whom he could depend for the protection, & introduction
of the younger part, as it advances to maturity. In a person
native land should premature death deprive his family of [his?]
care & exertions, near relations & [--ly?] friends [in some?] measure
supply the loss. In case of [removal?] the farmers could afford you
no assistance, & time would be required to procure the latter & in
time it is as certainly acquired in the United States [as any?]
where else.
The only reason why I did not write [you?]
since April was because I thought any future correspondence
of mine would not reach you in Ireland, for I should out on
[?] [?] When written you frequently, with such information
as might be benefical to you in your [proposed?] emigration.
I hope the objection to the voyage in so far as it [?]
[Mrs?] Simms is [?] this time happily removed & I am very
much inclined to believe that little change of circumstances
will take place in Ireland before March, which will much inhance [enhance?]
the prices of land or houses, or make purchasers more plenty.
The remark you made regarding our [?] [?] [?]
& their extreme [?], is the result of correct observation, but it appears
to be the price of an extremely free Government & in fact the
[strongest evidence?] which can be [adduced?] of our Government [?]
[?] [free?]; for in no other Country would the Government
permit itself to be so [--iled?], so [?], so [lacerated?] [?]
their individual capacity, & in their private walk of life, with
[impunity?]. Yet the democratick [democratic?] Government with its chief the [?]
[?] Jefferson are daily gaining ground & [?] themselves on [?]
easily in the hearts & affections of a [?] [?] majority of the American
people. So far as the elections have ended, for the supreme [court?]
& for the state legislature, as well as for the election of President &
[Vice-President?], the democratic majorities are encreased [increased?] beyond
all [expectation?], even in this [stronghold?] of [paternalism?] Connecticut &
Massachusets [Massachusetts?], & New Hampshire, there is great gain on the [?]
of the popular cause or what is called democracy. Those who have paid
much attention to the subject are satisfied that the election for President
& Vice President will [stand th--?] Thos [Thomas?] Jefferson & Geo [George?]
Clinton [the former?] President the latter Vice President 138 votes. the [?]
candidate whom they [?] be 30 giving a majority of [?] in favour of Jefferson
& his [?] The majority in the Congress will be by far greater than even all
the numbers to the Southward of [Potomac democratic almost all in?] Maryland
[?] Delaware nearly all [?] Pensylvania [Pennsylvania?], New Jersey &
New york all democratic [?] [?] but [?] [?] Rhode Island [all Democratic?]
Massachusets [Massachusetts?] will have ten Democrats, & several [?] [?] I am
not quite sure of New Hampshire Maine. There you see little is to be
apprehended from the [opposition?] & every day they are [dwindling?] away, as
the [?] is [?] to be all other [?] in the [?] of [?] they [?] & struggle, &
make a great [?] But the good sense of the administration, & their extreme
self command prevent them from [?] anything to their destruction, more than an
uninterrupted course of pure & faithful conduct & enlightened liberal views
of policy
In my opinion [associations?] of Men cannot afford more
[opportunity?] & happiness, to its people than are enjoyed
in the United States. The internal trade of America has
[been pretty?] good since the commencement of the war, as will
appear by the encrease [increase?] of its Revenue, the fulness [fullness?] of
our treasury the discharge of [?] & [interest?] of the National debt. The home
trade has been but indifferent this last year, the crops were less abundant
than usual, considerable sickness of the Intermittent kind very generally
pervailed through the country. [The cities?] & [Towns?] were unusually healthy.
Money has been scarce, & several small have taken place. It is expected that
England & Ireland will [?] [?] failures Ours are pretty high, & up -
Flour $10:0 to $10:50 Wheat 14/0 to 15/0 per Bushel a good deal of it not good
I have the pleasure of informing you that a few days ago that
A Emmett [Emmet?] with his family arrived in New york in good health, he [?]
[?] Washington, & on his way calling upon me, my satisfaction at his
arrival in the land of liberty is only [?] by the reflection that I expected he
might have been more useful in Europe, integrity, spirit, the splendid talents,
[?] might have contributed to dispel even the slavish tyrannie [tyranny?] [?]
of Bonapartes Imperial Court. Present my best Respects to Mrs Simms & your
family in which Mrs White heartily joins me, also to your Brother, his lady
[?] [?] & family as well as to all my old acquaintances who you know [reputed?]
I am yours very [sincerely?]
John Campbell White
[?] 170 [?] [?] London

New york Pot Ashes [Potash?] $152 50 pr ton
New york Pearl Ashes 152 50 pr ton
Cotton Sea Island 25 to 36 cents pr lb
St Domingo 28 to 30 cents pr lb
Mississipi [Mississippi?] 22 to 23 cents pr lb
Georgia [upland?] 20 to 21 cents pr lb
Staves White oak pipe $60 to $65 [pr lb?]
Staves White oak [?] $26 to $28 [pr lb?]
Staves [?] heading $30 [pr lb?]
Staves Barrel $16 to $18 [pr lb?]
Staves Red oak [?] $20 to $22 [pr lb?]

[addressed to:]
Mr Robert Simms
[p Fame?] Ireland

Baltimore 16th
Nov 1804
John Campbell White