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Title: McMahon Glynn, Patrick to Glynn, Ellen, 1916
CollectionPatrick McMahon Glynn: Letters to his family (1874-1927) [Gerald Glynn O'Collins]
SenderMcMahon Glynn, Patrick
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpolitician
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLondon, England
DestinationGort, Co. Galway, Ireland
RecipientGlynn, Ellen
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count354
Genretravelling, seeing friends
TranscriptCommonwealth Offices,
72, Victoria Street,
Westminster, London, S.W.
Sept. 7th, 1916.

My dear Mother
I am trying to get ready to leave at 8.30 tomorrow for Liverpool
by the White Star line steamer Southwell for Quebec and
Montreal. Half the Canadian tour will have been ended by the
time we arrive. Of course, I have been to Ottawa and other centres
and will lose nothing and gain a good deal by the extra wait
here, if I pick them up at Toronto or Vancouver.
We have been very busy trying to meet people, and in addition
I have been getting my dissertations typed and hope to get them
this afternoon. If, on looking through the type, I find them good
enough for publication, I shall send a copy to Mr. d'Egville to have
a look through. Money matters may be more or less confidential
and this may prevent me doing anything—at least for the present.
There are some interviews I gave the press—the Westminster
Gazette, the Daily Telegraph and The Times — which may appear
within a day or two: the first to-night in the Westminster Gazette.
If the papers are available before I leave I shall send copies.
On Tuesday I went to Salisbury camp, where there are not
100,000, as I thought, but 150,000 Australians. The camp extends
for 15 miles, so the best I could do was to motor through. However,
I did see a few friends and got a general idea of the camp,
Last night I was out visiting friends until 12 o'clock.
I wish I had had more time in the West, as every hour of
our stay there was exceedingly pleasant. For two hours I have
been dictating my illegible diary for typing, and the reference to
Connemara brought back the old desire to see more of its beauties
etc., but there may be an opportunity again.
While for the moment I cannot write any more, but wishing
you all the best of health, I am,

Your affectionate son,
P McM Glynn

P.S. 10 a.m. I just got Agnes' letter. We leave at 8.30 a.m.