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Title: McMahon Glynn, Patrick to Glynn, James P., 1927
CollectionPatrick McMahon Glynn: Letters to his family (1874-1927) [Gerald Glynn O'Collins]
SenderMcMahon Glynn, Patrick
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpolitician
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAdelaide, South Australia, Australia
DestinationGort, Co. Galway, Ireland
RecipientGlynn, James P.
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
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Word Count308
Genrereligion, politics
Transcript"Glynneath", Mill Terrace
North Adelaide
14 Dec. 1927

My dear James
I was glad to get your letter (3.10.27). I mentioned here that
the Irish are not offensive as Catholics—to Christians; [they] keep on
well their own fair religion, but never dodge—for profit and development—
against the Christian Religion of others. There was some
trouble, against Catholics, in some other Nations in Early time[s];
being really their looking for their development and their profit,
against other developing friends. Over two thousand years ago, the
Paganes — who had an idea of about five Goods [? Gods] — never
offended the coming Christianity, and the later development of
Catholic Sense.
I just wrote to J. W. Hamilton—(740 Freller Avenue—St. Paul,
Minnesota—America), who just wrote to me at the moment, again.
He deal with "The Magna Charta and The English Speaking Union",
and keeps on well with the British.
Dear Mr. Hamilton:—I just got, with friendship, your
letter, published October, 1927, and keep on; and just send one, today, to a prominent friend in Sydney, a letter
as to the pure sense and relation of the British and the
American. He wrote to me, from Sydney, 25 November,
1927—being R.T.M. K—ally, Circular Quay, Sydney
Harbor Trust—and he just mentioned that —"I know
that there is no one in Australia who has a knowledge
of the subject equal to yourself, and I should be glad if
you would let me have information on the subject particularly
in regard to the Danube and Rhine and perhaps
the detrimental affect on some of the Streams in America
due to unreasonable abstraction of water for irrigation
I hope to write to you again, but I am much writing to friends
again today. I hope you are all well in Ireland.

Your fond Brother
P. McM. Glynn