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Title: John Campbell White, Baltimore, To Robert Simms, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCampbell White, John/33
SenderCampbell White, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBaltimore, Maryland, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientSimms, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.1815/13: Copied by Permission of Presbyterian Historical Society, Fisherwick Place, Belfast. #TYPE EMG John Campbell White, Baltimore, To Robert Simms [General Merchant], Belfast. 5th July 1814.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8809112
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Mr Robt Simms
Forwarded by Messrs Vasgues & [Meuron?] [Nuogorte?] 14 July 1814
Baltimore 5th July 1814
J C White
Dear Sir
I think I am in your debt, & embrace the opportunity of my friend Mr
Thompson going to Europe, to discharge my debt. He returns poor fellow,
in part, to alleviate the distress he suffered for the loss of Mrs
Thompson, in which all his neighbours must earnestly sympathise, [for?]
she was observedly esteemed wherever she was known, and that was
[extensively?] - You perhaps have heard that my sister Mrs Hill died
near [Nuryesh?] in the Spring, of [a pleurisy?], her health had always
her delicate, & an attack upin [upon?] her [lungs?] might readily [?]
more than she could withstand. Mrs [Craig?] of Philadelphia also paid
the debt of nature about the same time, & I am informed was not [?] of her
friends the Montgomerys; whose situation I learn is very comfortable.
I shall be very happy [to hear?] of your success upon the farm you have
taken though the rent startled me a little yet, I scarcely know why I
should make the [remark?], for our land about the City, for three miles
round sells for 100 to 500 dollars an acre, but I believe few of the
purchasers either make interest out of it or expect it. From 100 to 150
miles back in many situations it sells at 100 to 200 dollars, but this
land is held in fee simple pays his [rent?]. Land appears to [be?]
& wood for every purpose. I have great doubts if yr [your?] Irish farmers now
in general peace, will be able to pay his [rent?]. Land appears to [be?]
higher in Ireland than in any part what would assimilate [itself?] to the
power of European [?]. The powers which enable the few to govern the
many, the powers of [a standing?] army, the powers of a navy, the
powers of a large national debt with heavy taxes, & the powers [often?]
[meeting?] themselves with England [?] [?] force if necessary.
To obtain [powers?] they would not hesitate about the means & rather
than submit to such a government as we at present [live under?], many of
them would prefer a return to their colonial dependence under England -
thank God the great bulk indeed an immense majority of the people, are [?],
they understand the value of self government, they will never abandon it.
It is their [?] [distinctive?] [individually?] & [culturally?]. No
dependence can be put on the [?] papers - you may only [open?] [Madison?]
& [?] [elections?], that the great majority of the legislators will be
[democratic?], & the [?] affair will be directed by the same [views?] as
in Jefferson's administration. We will not submit to the [disputation?]
of [others?] England and France, they must either [conduct?] themselves
to us with fairness [& integrity?] [or?] they must do [without?] our
trade, whatever injuries we can inflict upon them. [On taking?] an
extensive view of the [best?] interests of the United States I cannot
think we shall [lose?] by their hostility, in the [cessation?] for a time
of our [foreign?] trade. For there is every [?] of its [?] such
[exertions?] in manufacture & internal improvements as will [?] overbalance
this temporary loss, & [render us infinitely more independent?], than
[we have?] hitherto been. Capital seems much [more abundant?] [than I
expected?] and itelligence is not wanting. The National Intelligences
[notice?] the speech of Mr [Canney?] when he alledges [alleges?] that Our
communications on the subject of the [?] of council had been [asccd?
[accrued?] from America since Mr [Rires?] [return?] [in the form of
Mr [Rinkerry?] [remonstrated?] against the measure of the [order in
council?] [publicly?,] Mr Canning [said?] [?] coud [could?] [answer no
purpose?] as they are now adopted. Mr Erskine received orders to
communicate [with?] him, to justify then to the Government, which he did
by letter to the Secretary of state 23 February last, & the Secretary
of state returned a full reply [?] which remains unanswered.
I have it from [that?] authority that no negotiations will be entered into
on part of the Government, [until?] full satisfaction is made for the
affair of the Chesapeake, & [think?] that satisfaction must be given [here?]
& that all other negotiations be [a final settlement of our?] differences
must be made in [America?], [be?] there the Minister at St James's here [?]
[?] [powers?] make [communication?], but not finally settle anything. We
expect daily news from Euripe [Europe?] or [?] many of the accts [accounts?]
which are given of Spain, Portugal, Bonaparte, as they are all from England
& [used?] time to shew [show?] a falling of [interest?] & [foresight?] in
the Irish chief [actual?] accts [accounts?] from England on to the 12 July.
Any change we should think should benefit the people of Spain and Portugal
further [?] [we?] must object, without hope of improvement [?] [?] [?] [?].
All this family are well yours Sincerely
John Campbell White.