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Title: McIlrath, James L to McIlrath, William, 1869
CollectionThe McIlrath Letters: A family history in letters from New Zealand to Ireland (1860-1915) [Bassett, McKee et al.]
SenderMcIlrath, James L
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSouthbridge, Canterbury, New Zealand
DestinationKillinchy, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
RecipientMcIlrath, William
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
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Word Count453
Genrewedding, family, new house, acquaintances, photographs, local economy
TranscriptSouthbridge, September 5th 1869

Dear Brother
I received your letter of May 9th
'69 on the 25 August I am glad to
hear that you are all well which we
are both at present and before I go
farther I may as well let you know
that I have got married on the 16th
June last to Agnes Matthews from
near Comber, James Anderson
publican of Comber is her uncle
she came out with the Lemons
and James Hewitt I saw James on
Friday last for the first he promised
to come to see us some day shortly.
James says he knows the place you
have got in Carrickmannon I hope
you may do well I see by your last
that you know that Hamilton is
begun for himself. I bought him
out I gave him £350 which was £7
10s per acre for his share of the 100
acres I am commencing to build
a new house at present which will
cost me about £100 when finished
you say you expect us home in a
few years Hamilton I believe will
before a great time it might be longer
before I come. But I intend to come
sometime I was tired living on a
farm by myself so I thought I would
be better married 8 or 9 years of
batchelor life would tire most people.
You say John Oprey has come
Home many a time I wondered
where he had got to as I never could
hear a single word of him you don't
say if he done well or not but I
suppose he did. We had Thomas
Logan all night on Monday night
last he is well. I was surprised
to see on opening your letter the
likeness of Sam Nesbit and a true
likeness it is he must be a very old
man I am glad to hear that Uncle
Tom is living and well he must be
very healthy. This place is not as
good as it was a few years ago but it
is very changeable the season before
last Wheat was as far as 7s per
bushel last 4s was about the average
if we could get the prices steady that
you can get we could make money
fast I had over 1500 bushels last
year myself I expect more this one
as I have more sown.
Give my best wishes to Father &
Mother & Robert John and Mrs
He never writes now but I must not
blame Him altogether as I am very
neglectful myself but I have had so
much to mind lately I had not time
Accept my best wishes for yourself
and Mrs. I remain your affectionate
James L. McIlrath