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Title: McIlrath, Agnes to McIlrath, William, 1902
CollectionThe McIlrath Letters: A family history in letters from New Zealand to Ireland (1860-1915) [Bassett, McKee et al.]
SenderMcIlrath, Agnes
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLakeside, Canterbury, New Zealand
DestinationKillinchy, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
RecipientMcIlrath, William
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count479
Genredecease, family
TranscriptLakeside NZ
August 1st 1902

My Dear Uncle William,
We were very pleased to get a
letter from you. I am very sorry
that we had not written to you before.
Dear Papa will be gone from us a
year & a week tomorrow, little did I
think, dear uncle, when I prepared
him for bed the last time that he
would never rise again. I was the
last of us Papa spoke to that night
& I was the first in his room in
the morning. I never thought as I
rushed down stairs alarmed by the
noise he was making that it was to
find dearest Papa so far gone, when
I spoke to him and he made no
answer, I received a terrible shock
I will never forget it never. Dear
uncle we know that we have the
full & kind sympathy of you all at
home. Sometimes I reel that dear
papa cannot be dead he must not
be dead, but it is so, he has gone
home to his long rest, he looked so
peaceful and calm in death. What
a great blessing it is to be able to
realise how near God is in trouble
how he helps us bear our sorrows, a
very present help in trouble. Did it
not seem a very strange thing that
papa had just made himself a new
pair of crutches a short time before
he died. We know not what a day
may bring forth. God help us to so
love that we may be always ready to
meet Him.
Our brother Robert was down
seeing us last week, he and the
family (children too) are to spend
Christmas with us. I almost felt
sorry when Robert told us that
the baby could walk I was looking
forward to a good time teaching him,
he is called for his father & Papa.
The little girl is called for our mother
her two grandmothers (Agnes Jane)
Papa was very fond of her.
Mr and Mrs Thompson are well
and I had a holiday with them for a
fortnight in April. Eva is looking
forward to a holiday at Springfield in
October. They wanted both but it
would not be very nice for the boys to
be by themselves. Our brother James
is working in a Creamery the work
suits him very well, he does not care
for farm work. We are all very sorry
to hear that Uncle John had not been
very well, we hope it may please God
to restore him to perfect health. Eva
has some photos for you and uncle
John, now dear uncle I will conclude
with much love from us all to you
all, hoping that you are all in good
health as we are.
I remain you loving neice Agnes
(I will be looking forward to a letter
from you)