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Title: Carrothers, Nathaniel to Carrothers, William, 1858
CollectionIrish Emigration and Canadian Settlement [C.J. Houston & W.J. Smyth]
SenderCarrothers, Nathaniel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWestminster, Ontario, Canada
DestinationLisbellaw, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
RecipientCarrothers, William
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count484
Genresending presents, family, economy
TranscriptWestminster June 15th 1858

Dear brother an opertunitey has offred its self of sendind you a few
lines by hand and a few small presents withe the bearer to you and
fameley in the way of keepsakes to keep you and them in mind that
such a person once lived and still Does live thank god for all his
mercies to me, these few lines leaves me and fameley in good health
hopping that the may find you and fameley in the same. All your
brothers are wel, and your Cousens allso; as I hav given you my opion
of this Country and my prospects in it allready it leaves me very little
to say in this epistol. I send you an essey or pamplet wrote by Mr.
Hogan; that will give you or any one desirous of informasion of this
Country information that can be relied on as correct; allso the bearer
of this letter can give you all the information a bout me and fameley
that you may desire - the bearer of this is Mr. James Oliver my sister
in law Elizaes husbant, who is going to Ireland for the good of his
health he is a man that is well of in this Country, and well rispected
he will call to see you and John Kirkpatrick if his health permites; and
if he should stop a Day or two with you any kindness you show him
for my sake shall be remembered by me for he is Deserving of it. I
would have wroute you a letter with Mr Gregston but he went a way
sooner than I thought he told me that he caled and saw you and that
you and fameley were well. Josef sent you a letter since and has got
no anser; he is very unasay to hear something of Paul, the past month
has ben the wettest that I have seen since I come to America; the past
year has been a year of much diffulcity with many of the merchants
in America Causing many feailours, farming produce sell for the
one half that it did last year give my best respects to all my old
neighbours that is yet alive; allso to Gorge Carrothers and fameley.
You will be pleased to send me a leter giving me a full account of all
my old neighbours that is worth retailing; margret and I join in love
to you and Bessey and Children allso to sister Eliza and husbant and

Yours truley
Nathaniel Carrothers.

I send with the bearer my likenes and Margrets and that of my oldest daughter taken the day Mr Olifer leaves London You will excuse
the scribl as it is Done in heast as I did not write it till I went into
London no more at present but remain
Nathaniel Carrothers

[Postmarked] Lisnaskea Jy 15 1858 E/Enniskillen M Jy 1658