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Title: Carrothers, Nathaniel to Carrothers nephews, 1863
CollectionIrish Emigration and Canadian Settlement [C.J. Houston & W.J. Smyth]
SenderCarrothers, Nathaniel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWestminster, Ontario, Canada
DestinationLisbellaw, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
RecipientCarrothers nephews
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count718
Genreadvice on emigration
TranscriptWestminister March the 20th 1863.

Dear friends your letter of the 18th of February was in London on
the 7th of March but I did not get it to the 18th there being none of
us in the City. I was glad to hear you and other of my friends were well
as this leaves me and all friends hear thank God for all mercies. You
ask me is there any choise time in coming and I say any time after the
first of May as for which way I cant say which of them would be the
best. The greater number of those that went home last year went and
came by Quebeck and I heard no complaints. As for what you should
bring with use I say bring nothing onley what is for your own use
for it would not pay. As for your Carpenters tools bring all that you
have that is good and buy none you might by a few extra plain irens
and a few good hansaw fiels, as you can get any tools you would want
hear a great deal better - all kinds of clothing are cheaper with use
than hear and a decent supply of them will be of use to use; as for
seed if you Cultivate any of the spring verieties of wheat you might
bring a little sample of some of the choise kinds, a little bear barley
and a littele of anything new. As for flowers we have nearly all the kinds
that I ever new in Ireland and a great many more so that you need
not bother your self with any; as for potates if you have got any
choise kinds you might bring 6 or 7 of them; these you can put in the
chest with your tools, you need not bring either the white rockets or
the bloomers for I have had them and think them a worthies veriety
hear. Mr. James Armstrong of latin was over three years agoe and
brought them over and he let me have some of them. You might
bring me A dosen of dinner knives and the same nimber of forke
with carving knife and fork of a deacent qualitey; these you can put in the chest with your tools; as for the maiking of that dres for your
ant you can bring hur 12 yards of the gs-gd per yard as we think it
the best, this you can put in the leg of your trowsers, that is some of
those that will be folded in your chest or some other plase that you
may think more safe; as this artical is liable to pay duty. When I
wrote my last I had a mind to have troubled you with other things
put I have altred my mind. When I come to this country we had
some things that was liable to have paid duty for the never serched
any of our chests. When we came to quarintine one of the revenue
oficers came along and asked us to unlock our chests, so we did, he
mearley lifted the lid asking what we had in them and he never removed
any of the things. As our winters is much colder than yours you had
better bring each of yous a good over coat of wheitey cloth not broad
cloth. Light summer cloths are eiser bought hear than winter. My son
Josef wants you to bring him out a wach let the price be as near 3
pound as you can get a good one for. I bought a new one for 3 when
I come to this country and it is a good wach yet, this you can bring
without any risk as one of use can ware it on your person, all this
expenture I will pay you for when you come here. I remain your Uncle

Nathaniel Carrothers.

I will send you a copey of this letter next week least this might not
come to hand and you be kept in suspence or weating for an anser,
and you will be pleased to write me as soon as you are ready to start
for this country letting me know the way that you are coming that we
may know when to expect youes.