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Title: John Campbell, Augusta, to Thomas Allen, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCampbell, John/37
SenderCampbell, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Georgia, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientAllen, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.3597/7: Deposited by Mrs. F. W. C. Clarendon.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9310404
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count752
TranscriptAugusta 1st October 1822

Dear Sir
I wrote you during the spring and expected to have
heard from you if you have wrote, and directed the letter
elsewhere, do state the date and heads of the contents, and
to whose care it was addressed. At that time I advised you
of the very serious indisposition of John Clarke. He was
attacked in November or December last with Dropsy in the
abdomen which was stopped for a time but returned in Feby.
[Feburary?] last and [?] period and the early part of (sic)
of last month he was tapped 13 times and from six to 7 1/2
quarts drawn of [off?]each time. Early in last month his
strength was gone being a perfect skeleton and suffering most
severe and a great pain with a calm composure and patience
unparralled. His near approach to death was evident but he
struggled on in great pain and with a mind clear and
unclouded to last moment and died a firm believer in the way
of his God and Savior [Saviour?], on the morning of the
Sevententh [Seventeenth?] of last month.
The Churchyard in this City where his brother James lies
and the rest of the family is discontinued for a Cemetary
[Cemetery?]; and a new one was laid off some years ago
farther out of the city but in moist weather is subject to
have water in the ground to which our deceased friend had
great antipathy. Not being able to lay him near his brother
and knowing his dislike to the wet Cemetary [Cemetery?], a
new cemetary [cemetery?]was given by a gentleman at
Summerville (where gentlemen spent the summer months) about
two and half miles from this place, and in that one he was
buried on the morning of the 18th Septr. [September?] 1822
John Moore, James Harper, his nephew Samuel Clarke and
myself are appointed by him executors; the two former decline
serving, his nephew being not a citizen. I shall therefore
take charge of the Estate, and do the best I can for the
heirs and I will in a few days forward to his mother or John
Harbison of Antrim a copy of the will for the use of the
heirs in Ireland and as Mary Ann Campbell our niece is one
when of age to amount to two thousand dollars. Mr Harbinson
will no doubt show her it. And she had better take a copy of
it for her own satisfaction in her own writing. She is no
doubt still with her Aunt, and I hope is making great
improvement in her mind and manners reading History travels
Geography magazines will be the only way to expand and
enlighten her mind. I hope she has too much sense and
prudence to notice the men who will always flatter those who
have any prospect in property. The time will come when she
will know that it is not slips of girls who are capable to
judge of proper company. She should be above doing anything
to degrade her in the minds of her friends, and I hope she
will do them honor by her improvement and correct conduct
when she is of age. If she will give me a full power of
attorney - a copy of which if she wishes it I can send her,
I can place her legacy in bank stock that the interest
thereon may support her through life in comfort. If she
adopts another course, it may meet the fate of Ann
Montgomery's fortune.
Mr John Clarke died rich in fortune and in good work as
this annexed sketch of the legacies will show. He expressed
great anxiety for the well doing of his nephews and nieces.
On his death bed he mentioned Mary Ann with great affection.
Give my affectionate love to sister Jane, Mary Ann,
William John and the rest of our friends. Tell Mary Ann her
brother is well and tell her and W. J. C. [William John?]
Allen to write to him frequently to my care. I am ever
John Campbell

Bequests by John Clarke

Saml. [Samuel?] Clarke Junr. [Junior?] supposed to be equal
to 20,000
Daniel Clarke 8,000
Robt. [Robert?] Clarke & Robt. [Robert?] Harbinson Coll about
20,000 now 17,000
Wm. [William?] John & James Clarke Coll about 12,000 now
John Campbell 7,700
3 nieces supposed to be in life $2000 each 6,000
Mrs Isabella Harper his mother if in life 1000
Bella Nichol, half sister 500
Brother (already s [?]) 500