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Title: R. Campbell, U.S.A. to W. J. C. Allen, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCampbell, Robert/2
SenderCampbell, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Georgia, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientCampbell Allen, William J.
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipfriends, business
SourceD 1558/1/1/368: Papers of William John Campbell Allen Deposited by F. D. Campbell Allen.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9802477
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count640
TranscriptAugusta Geo [Georgia?]
21st January 1869
W. J. C. Allen, Esq
Ulster Bank, Belfast.

My Dear Sir
I had this pleasure on the 12th
inst. covering second of J. &. J. Stuart & Co's Exge
[bill of exchange?] for œ9.16.2 in your favour to be given
to Miss Grace M'Whinney [McWhinney?] for the use of Miss L.
Carroll from her sister here. I was glad she was able and
disposed to make such addition to Miss Carroll's income.
I have this day forwarded a check for Five Hundred (500$)
Dollars to the Messrs Stuarts to be remitted in Sterling
to you, which will probably purchase a little over 75œ
desiring that in this year Miss Carroll may get Thirty
(30œ) Pounds ; Mrs Margaret M'Whinney Twenty Pounds (20œ)
and their brother Jas. B. M'Vea an employee on the Rail Road
at the Hillsboro' [Hillsborough?] Station Ten Pounds (œ10)
- This I calculate will still leave a small balance in your
hands the amount of which your usual statement will let me
know - I know I trespass on your kindness in adding
another beneficiary to your list, but he is only an
occasional, and I trust it will not give you much trouble.
We were exceeding grieved to hear thro' our friend Mr
Bones of your indisposition - but hope you have quite
recovered - and that you and all your family are in enjoyment
of good health. Mrs Campbell desired me particularly to
send her kindest regards to Mrs Allen and yourself, and
expresses the pleasure it would give her to see you
once more in Augusta : But I suppose your bank duties
and interests tie you too closely to Ireland. Were it
otherwise nothing would give me greater pleasure.
Mrs Campbell joins me in kind regards to Mr. Wm. [William?]
Campbell and we think we know his sister Mary sufficiently
to send them to her. I flatter myself that you feel an
interest in my well-being and therefore I will speak of my
In this month last year I had a very small irruption in
the outer edge of my right foot on the sole, which extended
over the top of the foot and up the leg to the knee. The
Dr [Doctor?] called it at first Erisypilas and afterward
Erythema. It confined me to my bed about two months -
under a great variety of treatment - it got so well as
to allow me to go to Habersham, and there so that I could
go comfortably about. But during a few days of extra hot
weather in July, it returned and Mrs Campbell & I took
carriage to Atlanta about 90 miles, thence to [Forsyth?]
by rail 76 miles & thence by hack to the Indian Sulphur
Spring [16?] miles, situated about 30 miles above Macon.
Here we spent three weeks, to the benefit of the general
health of both, but not of my disease. We returned to
Clarksville in the same way, merely deviating to make
a visit to Mr & Mrs Sibley (Miss Emma Longstreet) at
their summer place, Marietta. I have since been
improving though very slowly, that I have only been able
to be upon the street last week with any kind of comfort.
I indulge the hope of being quite well before my 82d
birthday, which occurs on the 16th of April. But quite
resigned to disappointment, and thank God for the good
measure of health that he has granted me, during what
may be considered a long life.
The subject induces me to again caution you against
advancing anything on my account above what you may
have in hand. For the formalities and trouble which
is involved in recovering from Estates in this country
are as you know very annoying.
I shall always be happy to hear of your good health,
your prosperity and of the comfort and happiness of your
Most Truly Yours
R [Robert?] Campbell