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Title: R. Campbell, U.S.A. to W. J. C. Allen, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCampbell, Robert/5(2)
SenderCampbell, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Georgia, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientCampbell Allen, William J.
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipfriends, business
SourceD 1558/1/1/278: Papers of William John Campbell Allen Deposited by F. D. Campbell Allen.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9802466
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W. J. C. Allen Esq.
Ulster Bank Belfast
Augusta 13 March 1865

My Dear Sir
The enclosed letter to you
was given to a person here at the time of its date, who I
understood would have an oppy [opportunity?] of forwarding
- it was returned to me a few days ago. - Since then tho'
I have no receipts or payments on your account or that of
your cousin W. Campbell to mention - yet several things
have occurred touching your interests - In the latter
part of January we had a flood which came into the city
& caused a great deal of damage - it came about six
inches on the lower tier of the Cotton in Bryson's
warehouse: some that happened to be on the ground in
the open space, was washed away entirely - yours was
under cover on skids. Before the Insurance on your
Cotton expired, the Augusta Company stopped insuring -
and shortly afterward withdrew its recurring policies
under a clause authorizing them to do so - Other Companies
have advanced their premiums so high, that for that &
other considerations I would not insure any property
with them - therefore your Cotton is now uncovered.
By a Military order issued when it was supposed the
enemy in force was coming here, the most of the Cotton
in the City (estimated from 75 to 85,000 Bales) was
taken out of the Stores & piled up three & four tiers
high in the middle of Broad & other wide streets &
vacant places, in the mud & wet, ready to be burned.
Your Cotton being considered already in a favourable
place for such a purpose, was not removed. By consent
of the Military authority, most of it has now been
put in Warehouses North of Reynold Street (which you
will recollect is that between Broad Street & the River)
there to be destroyed by fire if the enemy should
approach. A number of the owners have allowed persons
living in the vicinity, to take it out to the Country
under shelter & if not destroyed, to return two thirds
of it to the owners after the war has ceased. You will
doubtless have heard before this reached, of the
mournful event which has befallen me in the death of
Mrs Mary Bones. It occurred on the 6th ult. from
brain fever, having been taken sick in the night of
the 1st - Interred in the Cottage burying ground on
the 8th - We have lost no member of our community so
Generally & so much regretted: our poor friend Mr Bones
has been almost overwhelmed by the loss. All of your
other friends are well. We have to thank God for our
continued health to so late a period - Mrs Campbell
begins her 79th year today - and I, please God, will on
the 17th of next month - she sends her affectionate
regards to Mrs Allen & joins me in kindest regards
to yourself. I shall endeavour to get this thro' the
lines to Savannah & thus to you, and as it relates to
nothing but private affairs, hope it will be successful
in reaching you -
Ever Truly Yours R. [Robert?] Campbell.

Augusta 10th May 1865. Being very doubtful whether they
have reached you I annex copies of my last two letters
dated January 11th & March 13th -
On the 16th March I paid the Storage on the 80 [82?]
Bales of Cotton from 13 Dec. to 13th instant $246.00 -
On the 25th April ulto [ultimo?] in Consequence of the
rapid depreciation of the Notes of the Confederate
States (300 for 1) which was the only money in
circulation, the Bank of Augusta declared a Dividend
(in anticipation of the usual time next month) of 12«$ p
[per?] share, that such of the Stockholders as had the
oppy [opportunity?] of using it, might be able to do so
- Next day 26th I recd [received?] that in your 120 shares
12% = $1.500.00 & on Wm. Campbells 42 shares at 12«% =
$525.00 But have been quite unable to make any
investment of it - on the same day I collected the 11th Oct.
Dividend of Geo RR & B [Georgia Railroad & Banking?] Co.
W. J. C. Allen 22 shares at $% = $110.00 W. Campbell
8 shares at 5% = $40.00 - Hoping to find something in
which to invest, but was entirely disappointed and I
fear the amount will be entirely lost. On the 16th
inst we heard that Columbus Geo [Georgia?] was taken
by the enemy - On the 17th that Genl [General?] Lee
had surrendered - and then the Surrender of Johnston
to Sherman soon followed and last Sunday the U.S. Flag
was again displayed in our City & on Monday at the
Arsenal by a few federal troops. All the thoroughfares
are crowded by the Conf. [Confederate?] troops going
I am somewhat puzzled to know what had best be done
with your Cotton. It is now the practise to repack
what has to be shipped - I anticipate high freights &
great difficulty in getting it to a seaport & extravagant
freights from thence - So that if a good price is
offered here & good Bills can be purchased it may be
best to sell, if I do not hear from you on the subject.
The price was 10$ p [per?] pound when Conf [Confederate
notes last circulated - Have heard of no sales since -
Mr. Tho [Thomas?] T. Wright takes charge of this to New York
with a n-paper [newspaper?] of yesterday - Your friends
are all in usual health - Mrs C. sends much love to Mrs. A.
Yours most truly R. [Robert?] Campbell

May 9 1865
Bills & Notes discounted 17.431.42
Real Estate & Banking House 31.600.
Investment of Confederate Notes in
Merchandise 124.947.50
Georgia State Treasury Notes $317.695.00
cost 103.981.42
Bonds of Confederate States 78.550.
" " State of Georgia (War Bonds) par 140.500.
" " " " So.[South?] Carolina
$6.000 cost 1.000.
" " " " Tennessee $30.000 cost 3.519.
" " " " Alabama par 66.000.
" of City of Augusta, Columbus,
Savannah & Memphis par 55.000.
" of the So [South?] Carolina
Rail Road Company par 100.000.
" " other Rail Road Company $85.100 cost 73.100.
Stock in the Georgia Rail Road
& Banking Co. par 200.000.
" " Columbia & Hamburg
Rail Road Co. par 50.000.
" " Bank Montgomery par 99.000.
" " Telegraph Co. par 500.
Balance due by other Banks 82.848.10
Cash on Hand (including $190.724.00
Confederate Notes) 212.826.82

Dividend 25 Apr 1865 $75.000
Capital Stock 600.000.00
Notes in Circulation 671.065.
Due Depositors - Banks for
Dividends 149.744.48
Surplus - Profits 19.994.78