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Title: Stewart, Frances to McNabb (Stewart), Louisa, 1866
CollectionRevisiting Our Forest Home, The immigrant letters of Frances Stewart [J. L. Aoki]
SenderStewart, Frances
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDouro Township, Newcsatle District, Upper Canada
DestinationPeterborough, Ontario, Canada
RecipientMcNabb (Stewart), Louisa
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshipmother-in-law - daughter-in-law
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Partial Date
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Word Count689
Transcript1866: November 22S0
To Louisa (McNabb) Stewart

22nd Nov'r 1866

My own dear Lou

I was rejoiced to see Mack's honest face for everybody seems
prisoners by hard work & bad weather.
Kate said yesterday "I wish I could get over to see Lou & Annie. I
am just longing to have a good chat with them." But indeed you would
see how impossible it is for her to leave in these horrid times! Horrid to
look out at but as the roads are pretty dry now she & Rob't say maybe
you could run over here today or tomorrow morning as Robert says he
would try to see what can be done about your unfortunate business.
I am out of all patience, indeed fairly disgusted with your brothers
treatment of you my poor dear Lou. I see plainly he wants to force me to
pay Anna for you but he has no right to shove it over on you & at any rate I have actually not the means to pay the half of what I am at present engaged to pay. My rents are but a small help as they never are fully paid there are so many charges coming on them before I get my share. But even if I had means I could not & would not do it because he is the one that should do it. Robert says just what he said before, that the only way is to let the whole property (down there at your place) be sold, yours & Roberts both. & then you can claim your own but that Robert must give some proof that he has any right to shove it over on you when he got the farm on those terms that he should pay Anna & Mr. Conway & lean take my oath of that.
Robert Brown says he can talk it over again if you can come but he
can say nothing else as far as he can see. I wish I had a big boot & strong
leg & I would give that little chap a good Kicking or Licking if I could
(Pardon the language). So dear Lou there is my sympathy which indeed comes warm from my heart.
Bee moved down last Friday & I have never been there yet nor have I
since the Christening! The weather & my old asthma & &c have kept me close. My breast got into a regular sore after the mustard I had on it for
the pain in my side. It is still sore all along the lower part & discharging all the time. It has quite relieved the old pain but has been an unexpected remedy & wonderfully little pain considering, I mean from the sore itself.
It was an ugly looking thing and still looks sore & nasty. Kate has had
a busy week as her girl has been away all this fussy time. She had great
cleaning up & settling to do after Bees things were taken but at last got
Jane Hudson to help. Then the churning has bothered her wonderfully.
She can't get the butter to come at all.
I was glad to hear some tidings of Georgina as I have not heard a word
since last Sunday week & did not know that George & Henry had gone
away. I seldom hear any news from that as Ellen seldom writes & never
comes. Her wee chap Cecil having the hooping cough keeps him from us.
So we are totally separated at present. I cannot get a pen that will
write & I am ashamed of this scrawl. I am now head nurse & it is almost
too much sometimes but still I am able for it & glad I can do anything
to help Kitty.
We have been too busy to feel small but the evenings seem long & we
all grow sleepy. We miss the boys very much. They hardly care now to
come here they are all so happy at home, poor bodies....
Your ever affect' Mother,

I wonder can you read all this.