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Title: Stewart, Frances to Atwood, Annie, 1869
CollectionRevisiting Our Forest Home, The immigrant letters of Frances Stewart [J. L. Aoki]
SenderStewart, Frances
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDouro Township, Newcsatle District, Upper Canada
DestinationGore's Landing, Ontario, Canada
RecipientAtwood, Annie
Recipient Genderfemale
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Partial Date
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Word Count414
Genrenews, family
Transcript1869: February 10
To Annie Atwood, Gore's Landing, Ontario

Wednesday 10th Feb'y 1869

My dearest Annie

I wish we were nearer each other but there is no use in wishing for what
cannot be. But it can be & may be perhaps probable that you will come to visit your northern Mammas this winter. So I often look out when bells
are heard & I say perhaps they are the Atwoods bells. Every year we seem
to have less intercourse with our friends. It seems as if people were afraid of us! so few ever come to see us now.
Do you know your dear Mamma has been here only once & that for
less than one hour since this time two years [ago] when she spent a few
days here soon after we were settled in this house! & I don't think you
have been here at all. Your last visit was when we were staying at Robert
Browns. So my dear just think upon this & a£t upon it too.
I hope you & Mr. A. & your little ones are well & have not had any
of the dangerous illnesses now so prevalent. Scarlet fever has taken off
several children in Peterboro but happily none of my Grandchildren.
Influenza has also been travelling into every family & in some cases
very dangerous, often ending in Typhoid fever. Quinsy & Bronchitis
too have been very severe. The season has been too mild & damp to
be healthy. I have not heard from dear Mrs. Traill for some weeks. She
is troubled very much with rheumatism & also has a great deal of care
on her in [diverse] ways. I met Mary one day at Annas & I have been
looking out for a visit from Katie who was staying at George Stewarts
in town last week & I heard was coming to spend some time here. But
yesterday I heard she had returned home which is a great disappointment
to me but I hope she will make it up to us soon. We have been so
plagued about horses that Bessie don't ask your dear Mother to come.
There is so much difficulty of getting out, as you may suppose when
Bessie is going today on a load of hay part of the way to town, as she
means [to] walk when she is near the town & return with Robert when
he is coming back....
Ever your own old
Mamma Stewart