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Title: Stewart, Frances to Stewart, Harriet, 1870
CollectionRevisiting Our Forest Home, The immigrant letters of Frances Stewart [J. L. Aoki]
SenderStewart, Frances
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDouro Township, Newcsatle District, Upper Canada
DestinationActon, Ontario, Canada
RecipientStewart, Harriet
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count397
Genrefamily life
Transcript1870: October 2471
To Harriet [Stewart], [Acton, Ontario]

Douro — 24th Oct'r 1870

My dearest Harriet

Our trees were very beautiful a week or two ago. The weather was most
delightful and so warm that we sat out on the veranda by [moonlight]
but now we have quite high [ ] and frost every night. [ ] shocks of
Earthquake have been [ ] all over this Province on Thursday last particularly.
We did not feel it here but we heard a great noise like thunder
only not the sharp crashing sound that thunder has but a rumbling
sound which continued for some minutes. Aunt Bee & Aunt Kate &
Mary Mathias and I all heard it going on & thought it was distant thunder.
Afterward when we heard of the Earthquake we concluded it must
have been connected with that as it was about the same hour and it was
a very cool day.
Did I tell you in my last letter that I had two dear little birds, Canadian
canaries. One of them was tamer that the other and I called it Petsey. It
sung very sweetly and [ ] nice little coaxing ways. [ ] its cage just outside the [ ] everyday but one day last week I found it lying dead in the cage and its poor little head taken off!! So then I recollected having seen a Jay flying about amongst the trees near the house and 1 am sure it killed my dear little Petsey! I was very sorry. The other little bird was so frightened it could not eat & sat without moving for some hours and its poor little heart kept beating quite hard. It was very sick & very dull for several days & is only just now beginning to recover but it has not sung at all. I am sure it feels lonely after the other.
Harriet Brown wishes you would write to her soon. I think you would
be very fond of her. She is such a nice little girl. Mary Mathias teaches her every day. She is very good natured & merry and runs & jumps about.
We have a good many apples now & Harriet helps to gather them. She
sends her love & so does Aunt Bee and your own very fond Grandma
F Stewart
Pray write to me again and to Harriet.