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Title: James Anderson, USA, to William Anderson, Lisnamuck, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAnderson, James/17
SenderAnderson, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationLisnamuck, Co. Derry, N. Ireland
RecipientAnderson, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD.1859/20: Presented by Dr. J.T. Anderson, Banbridge, Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9407017
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TranscriptEast Liberty May 4th 1857

Dear Cousin William
I again take up my
pen to address you to make a jeneral [general?]
statement in regard to your relatives in this
Country they Andersons are all married years
gone by and are employed in Farming more
or less William excepted he remaining Single
he is yet unmarried he and mother lives in
Allegheny City he is in the Coal Buisness [Business?]
has acquired some money and has purchased
no property; all they Andersons have purchased
Farms & Owing [Owning?] them perpetual.
Your Brothers John lives in Pennsylvania between
West Greenville & James Town a good section
of Country; Robert lives in Indiana State &
Joseoh & David reside in Ohio in the
Western Reserve a section of Country famed for
its beauty it waz [was?] last sold to they states by
the Indians the [they?] went on to sell all the other
part of the state before the [they?] could think of
disposing of the Western=reserve flattering themselves
that they might be able to retain it
but they whites drove them off
I was out in Ohio last fall I had the pleasure
of seeing the Andersons that reside there
They were all well at that times
Joseph & David informed me that Robert was some
what delicate they also informed me of Roberts
Sons arriveing [arriving?] in Indiana with their Father
& that they were well I had a good passage
My Brother John & your Brother David are
intensively Aengaged in the Cheese Dairy which is
Farming in a great measure its a profitable buisness
[business?] Your Brothers are all married to Ladies of
Ireland & all have handsome Children I am not able
to state now many at the present time although
I have seen them all except those Born to
Robert in Indiana state
my Brother John married an American her name
was hide they have One Son & 2 Daughters
Liveing [Living?] his Daughters are twins he had 2
Sons died about 2 years ago the [they?] died of
Feaver [Fever?] or Epidemick [epidemic?]
I married an American her name was Rowan
her forefathers came from the County Tirone [Tyrone?]
Ireland; we have One Son 10 years old
his name is Edwin Oliver we have one Daughter
named Hellon Deary 3 of our children has
gone to the Land of forgetfullness all of them died in
an infant state;
Happy the babe who privileged by fate
to shorter labour and a lighter weight
Received but yesterday the gift of breath
Ordered to morrow to return the gift to death.
Having given you a brief scetch [sketch?] of my family
afairs [affairs?] I will now give you some information
in regard to my domestick [domestic?] afairs [affairs?]
I own nearly 100 Acres of Land 6 miles from the
Diamond of Pittsburg or 3 miles from the City Line
and One Mile from the Village of Eastliberty [East Liberty?]
for some few years past I kept a New Milk
Dairy but I have rented out the farm & 18 cows
for a consideration of (50$) fifty dollars per month
which is 10£ of your money including one 1/2 of
the Taxes I live convenient to the farm my employment
at present is makeing [making?] improvements
on the farm this farm I Purchased a part of
when Land sold for the on [one?] sixth of what its
worth at Present 7 the Other part fell to my
Wife by heir [her?] kids which she liberally be
stowest upon me; as to giveing [giving?] a jenneral [general?]
detail as price of Land in this country I am not
able to make a clear statement it varys [varies?] in price
acording to Locallity [Locality?] & not according to quality
thats when it lies near to a City but forming
a circle around me thats to say a circle whose
Semidiameter [diameter?] may be One Mile it ranges in
Price from Fifteen Hundred Dollars to One
Hundred Dollars per Acre the Land in East
Liberty is flat & convenient further out is hilly
but contains mines & minerals beneath its surface
Coal limestone & Iron Oar [Ore?] which reners it valuable
where your Brother John resides in Pennsylvania
Land at a rough calculation ought to be worth
(25$) Twenty five Dollars per Acre at pressant [present?]
though John purchased at about the half of the
money described in Ohio Land Owned by they
Andersons would bring 25$ per acre though
some of them would not take that for it
on account of their improvements & buildings
Congress Land in the united States is worth
One Dollar & quarter although I have traveled [travelled?]
over many an acre of Ground in Taxes worth only
(10) Ten cents per Acre, I might have purchased at Eight
cents Soldiers [sic] rights and a good title
Thomas Anderson are well his family consists of Lady
& 5 Children 2 Daughters & 3 Sons his occupation is
Teaching School Mother & William are reasonably
well although old age is wearing in on mother
she is in a great measure smart & active enjoys
her reason & faculties but is just a little Deaf
William is not quite as robust as usual but
is always able to follow his daily avocation
from day to day James Best & Brothers are well
They young men of the Riddles are well their Father is dead
drop down to His end of polio
Wherein I have omited [omitted?] any thi ng of the jeneral [general?]
information of the country Prefer you to Dr. Ranolds [Reynolds?]
Bollymoney [Ballymoney?] he
now Owns James Thompsons farm [?] at the spinning Machine
near Banside he will telegram more than I can write
he is a Gentleman of jinneral [general?] information he was
acquainted with me in Pittsburg When he Practised there
Show him this Letter so as he may recogise me &
God in his kind Providence has blessed our family
with reasonable share of Blessings of this life & tolerable
health although my health & that of my wifes is not
altogether ruggid [rugged?] I am a little troubled with dispepsie
[dyspepsia?] my Wife has Nerejie [Neuralgia?] throughout her System
it has impaired her eye sight
I remain your most affectionate cousin truly
James Anderson

Adress [Address?]

James Anderson
Wilkins PO [sic?]
Allegheny CO [County?]
Perma [sic]

Mr William Anderson
Parish Aughadowey [Aghadowey?]
CO [County?] Londonderry