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Title: Stewart, Thomas Alexander to Governor of the Province of Upper Canada, 1822
CollectionRevisiting Our Forest Home, The immigrant letters of Frances Stewart [J. L. Aoki]
SenderStewart, Thomas Alexander
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpioneer
Sender Religionunknown
RecipientGovernor of the Province of Upper Canada
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count339
Genrelegal petition
TranscriptThe following is a full transcription of the "Land Grant for Thomas Alexander Stewart, York, 1822."

To His Excellency Sir Peregrine Maitland Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper Canada & Major General Commanding His Majesty's Forces therein &c &c &c

In Council
The Petition of Thomas Alexander Stewart now of York
Humbly sheweth

That your Petitioner is a native of Ireland, and emigrated from White
Abbey in the County of Antrim, Ireland, in the month of June last, with
his family of a wife, three children and two servants.
That your Petitioner has been for many years employed in the Linen,
Flour and Cotton Business, and is well acquainted with the Mechanism
used in those trades, and with mechanicks in general.
That your Petitioner emigrated to this Province with a full determination
to establish himself thereon as an agriculturist, combined with
any application of machinery he might find for his advantage, and has
vested a great portion of his property in machinery and tools for every
mechanical employment which he thought could be wanted in a new
settlement, which, together with four years stock of made up wearing
apparel he brought out with him, and with his ready money he estimates
to be upwards of five hundred pounds sterling. That your Petitioner has taken the Oath of Allegiance (Certificate whereof inherto annexed). That your Petitioner is anxious to settle in one of the townships mentioned in the notice from the Office of the Hon'ble Executive Council of the 7th of November last as for grant to actual settlers on certain terms & conditions, and his means enabling him to make
large improvements and it being his wish to do so, He humbly prays that
your Excellency will be pleased to grant him Twelve Hundred Acres for
location in one of the townships above referred to, and on the Terms &
Conditions as to Fees & Settlement Duties as mentioned therein.
And your Petitioner as in duty [ ] will ever pray
Thomas Alex'r Stewart.
York 3rd September 1822